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RCA’s St. Charles Location Holds Open House at New Outpatient Facility

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Authored by Recovery Centers of America

The RCA Outpatient at St. Charles team recently moved into their new 4,100-square-foot center and hosted a successful open house on April 25th. This new center is enabling RCA to better serve the needs of the northern Illinois community, expanding our capacity to provide treatment to three times as many patients as our previous center. 

A ribbon-cutting ceremony included members of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce and the staff at RCA at St. Charles. Speakers included Dr. Stephen Holtsford, the medical director for RCA at St. Charles, and Erin L., a graduate of our outpatient services who is currently receiving outpatient services and celebrating 18 months in recovery.     

Kim Sutherland, director of outpatient services, welcomed over 60 attendees and shared the St. Charles Outpatient story: 

“RCA Outpatient opened in October 2021 in a 1,100 square foot office in South Elgin during a pandemic. We took our first two patients in November 2021—one came in person, and the other received their treatment virtually as their commute was too far. 

“We quickly realized that, due to the state of the nation, the needs of the community, and the size of our office, we had a wonderful opportunity to bring addiction treatment to those who may not have accessed it before via a virtual or hybrid model.   

“We grew rapidly and out of our prior home, and we moved into this space on January 2nd of this year along with 250 active patients.” 

The rapid growth of RCA Outpatient at St. Charles led to an expanded team and expanded offerings, including a partial hospitalization program, day and evening intensive outpatient programs, and individual and family therapy. 

Medication for addiction treatment (MAT) and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders help RCA Outpatient at St. Charles meet even more patients where they are. Currently, the center is treating 135 patients with psychiatric services and 160 with MAT services. 

Sutherland notes, 

“It’s a blessing to watch these numbers grow as it means our community members are getting the help they need. All because they picked up the phone and asked for help… one of the hardest things anyone can do. 

“We could not be where we are without the support of our detox/residential site and staff. Inpatient opened almost four years ago, and one of the benefits of what we like to call “ONE RCA” is that patients can come to us seamlessly from detox or residential, and/or if they are struggling with a lapse, return to detox/residential from us with one phone call and even be picked up by one of our trained drivers from the program. 

“It is so safe, destigmatizing, and easy for our patients to get to the level of care they need or want at any given time.”  

Why RCA? 

The recent open house at RCA Outpatient at St. Charles highlighted just a few of the reasons why RCA stands out as a leader in addiction treatment. 

  • Easy transition to outpatient care from residential programs 
  • Same-day assessments allowing patients to get into treatment right away when in crisis 
  • Our Alumni Association, which offers patients lifelong support 
  • A fully virtual program for first responders and military personnel 

“There is a belief amongst first responders that helpers don’t need help, and we want to provide a safe space to get that help. You are not alone and always welcome here!” 

  • NARCAN and NARCAN education available to anyone who needs it in the community 
  • Virtual and hybrid programming allowing RCA’s clinical expertise to be available in anyone in Illinois 

Coming Soon to RCA Outpatient at St. Charles 

Exciting things are coming soon to RCA Outpatient at St. Charles

  • An outpatient care model with three distinctive paths to recovery 
  • A path for those in treatment for the first time 
  • A path for those with recurring use issues 
  • A path for those with co-occurring needs 
  • Mental health services 
  • Young adult programming 

As Sutherland closed her remarks with, the RCA team is made up of “People, helping people”: 

“Our patients are your mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, loved ones…and they deserve all the kindness in the world. We provide that.  

“Our team is dedicated to our mission and provides compassionate, individualized, strength-based care to all our patients. I could not be more grateful and lucky to be a part of RCA and our team.” 

Reach Out to RCA Outpatient at St. Charles Today 

Learn more about our outpatient addiction treatment center in Northern Illinois today and call 1-800-RECOVERY with any questions. 

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