Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay

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901 Ernston Road
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Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay

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901 Ernston Road
South Amboy, NJ 08879

Inpatient Treatment



Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Rehab Serving New Jersey and New York

Conveniently located in South Amboy, New Jersey, Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay is a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment facility that serves communities in Northern New Jersey and the New York City area. Our expert and caring team is defined by the mission to save the lives of those suffering from addiction to substances such as alcohol, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, Xanax, methamphetamine and others.

Whatever form your struggles with substance use assume, RCA at Raritan Bay will provide the treatment you need to build a life free from drugs and alcohol. The Raritan Bay site is an inclusive and safe treatment option to begin your journey to recovery. Regardless of your background, you will find a place that’s right for you within the RCA at Raritan Bay community.

As an RCA at Raritan Bay patient, you will begin your recovery process through our evidence-based treatment and full continuum of care, which includes:

Find the Program That Fits Your Unique Needs

Our programs consider your history and personal life experiences and integrate focused treatment into your care. In addition to the core curriculum offered by RCA at Raritan Bay, we have specialized inpatient programs aimed to address the treatment of patients who have a history of trauma, who are first responders and military members, as well as programs designed specifically for the young adult and older adult populations. Accordingly, you will live with your peers in “neighborhoods” designed specifically to your treatment focus. At every phase, expert staff, specifically trained to support your treatment needs, wants and concerns will tailor your care for you.

Enjoy the Quality and Comfort of Our Inpatient Rehab Center

Recovery Centers of America is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC), which means we meet the highest national standards for safety and quality of care, always placing the needs and comforts of our patients first always.

You’ll enjoy comfort and convenience that feels like home, prioritizing your privacy with a semi-private room, your own bathroom and a flat-screen television. Our facility also features first-rate amenities, including fine dining with foods made from fresh and wholesome ingredients. All of this is set within a vibrant, therapeutic environment, filled with activities to enrich all aspects of your being.

Pursue Health and Wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit

Our approach to addiction treatment is comprehensive, holistically attending to the needs of mind, body and spirit through evidence-based therapy and a variety of enriching activities. You will meet first with a primary therapist for individual therapy, who will oversee your clinical treatment, which will also include group therapy and family therapy. In the course of this regimen you will learn how to face issues from your past, cope with the present, and manage your thoughts, emotions and action as you build a new life in recovery.

Providing you with the tools to sustain long-term health and wellness in your recovery is paramount to our approach. Regardless of your starting point, we will equip you with the fundamentals of exercise, fitness and movement. We also incorporate instruction in nutrition, food preparation, sleep practices and goal development. The overall aim is to foster an environment of empowerment, self-discovery and pride, with a foundation in fitness and nutrition paving the way for the general practice of self-improvement and self-care.

Our addiction treatment offering includes:

  • Spiritual Services
  • Interactive Skill-Based Workshops
  • Confidence-Building Workshops
  • SMART Recovery
  • Peer Support
  • Alumni
  • “Sober Fun Activities”

Our Team Will Guide and Inspire You

Our proven substance abuse treatment is delivered by an amazing clinical team comprised of Masters-level therapists, doctors, psychiatrists and nurses, who work together to support your recovery journey. Many of our staff members are in personal recovery themselves and can relate to patients on a deeply personal level. Not only does our team have the experience and education needed to effectively treat the disease of addiction, but they are also compassionate and understand the complexity and challenges associated with addiction.

RCA Is Dedicated to Helping You Find Freedom in Recovery

When you know it’s time to start your recovery, RCA will be right there for you. Here’s how:

  • 24/7 Admissions: When you decide you’re ready for treatment, we will always be there to answer the phone and get you there. RCA is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Transportation: You’ve got enough on your mind; trying to find transportation to treatment shouldn’t be something holding you back. If you don’t have transportation, RCA provides transportation included in the cost of treatment.
  • Support and guidance. Not sure where to start with a loved one who needs help? Our Certified Intervention Professionals
  • Affordable treatment. Evidence-based treatment should be accessible for everyone, which is why RCA is in-network with most major insurance providers and offers interest-free payment plans for those who can’t afford their deductible or copay.

We are in-network with many insurance providers. If you don’t see your insurance provider listed, call us to confirm whether we take your insurance and to discuss options.

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Build A Life of Recovery with Your Family by your Side

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. Just as you don’t suffer alone, you shouldn’t have to recover alone either. In fact, research has shown that family involvement contributes to successful treatment and promotes stronger outcomes in long-term recovery. In line with this, we offer a variety of educational, therapeutic and support resources to help your family rebuild as a whole. You will pursue a life of recovery alongside your family, healing past wounds, learning about the disease of addiction, gaining mutual understanding and developing effective skills for communicating and coping together.

To the families and friends: the time to get your loved ones into treatment is now. Please visit our family page for helpful resources, and consult our various programs covering:

Do you need support getting your loved one the help they need?
Delivered by Certified Intervention Professionals, interventions are a great solution for a loved one who may not be willing to commit to treatment yet.

For visitation hours, rules and more information view our Visitation Hours at RCA Inpatient Rehab Facilities page.
Additional information on Recovery Resources During Coronavirus

For visitation hours, rules and more information view our
Visitation Hours at RCA Inpatient Rehab Facilities page.
Additional information on
Recovery Resources During Coronavirus

Create a Local Recovery Network for Lasting Support

As addiction is a disease of isolation, recovery is a process of connection. After leaving treatment, create a recovery network through RCA Alumni events and meetings, forging bonds among people who have been there with you, know what it’s like and will have your back moving forward. Life’s troubles never end, but you don’t have to face them alone. Your recovery community will be there to encourage, support and inspire you grow together.

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