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After evidence-based treatment, Recovery Support Services are vital to long term recovery.  An essential benefit of treatment is matching the patient up with a strong regional alumni network to bond with after “graduating” from inpatient and outpatient care”
– Rick Delgiorno, Director of Alumni Relations at Recovery Centers of America

Get involved with your RCA Alumni Association

One of the best ways you can sustain and support long-term recovery is to stay involved in the RCA Alumni Association. From regional recovery alumni meetings and chapter planning meetings to speaking with current patients and attending regional Alumni Association events, there are many opportunities to help others who want to maintain long-term recovery.  Supporting others in recovery is a great way to promote your own recovery efforts. Assisting others keeps you grounded and creates opportunities to reconnect with like-minded individuals and groups.

8 examples of easy and fulfilling ways to volunteer:

  1. Share your journey with current patients. Encourage them to work hard and be involved in the Alumni Association.
  2. Help plan regional events, activities and meetings.
  3. Start and run support and recovery groups and meetings.
  4. Be a greeter and/or help with set-up, decorating, and cleanup for alumni association events.
  5. Share creative event ideas with your regional chapter planning committees, events that would be fun and supportive of people in recovery, events that allow everyone to meet new people, try new things and see new places.
  6. Hand out flyers about upcoming Alumni Association events and meetings at local AA/NA meetings.
  7. Promote Alumni Association events at local recovery homes.
  8. Become a member of the Regional Alumni Mentor Society (RAMS). Sit and talk with patients to discuss their post-treatment plans.

Recovery Support, everywhere you go

The science of addiction tells us just how important it is for individuals in recovery to have access to their support network when they’re feeling overwhelmed or tempted to use.  The Alumni Association provides an opportunity for you to meet new people, try new things and see new places with your support network.

Alumni Chapter Locations


  • Danvers, MA (DANVERS)
    • Zip: 21000-21299, 21400-21499, 20600-20799, 21600-21999
  • South Boston, MA (SOBO)
    • Zip: 02000-02099, 02300-02499, 02500-02599, 02700-02799
  • Worcester Co., MA (WORCO)
    • Zip: 01000-01699


  • Baltimore, MD (BALTCO)
    • Zip: 21000-21499, 21600-21799, 21900-21999
  • Charles Co., MD (CHARCO)
    • Zip: 20600-20799
  • Chesapeake, MD (CHESA)
    • Zip: 20000-20999, 22000-22399

New Jersey:

  • Atlantic County, NJ (ATCO)
    • Zip: 08000-08799, 07700-07799, 18900-19199
  • Camden County, NJ (CAMCO)
    • Zip: 08000-08299
  • Northern NJ (NNJ)
    • Zip: 07000-07999, 08800-08999


  • Bucks County, Pa. (BUCKSCO)
    • Zip: 19000-19299
  • Chester County, Pa. (CHESCO)
    • Zip: 19200 -19499

Don’t see a chapter in your community? Start one! We’re here to help.

To Stay Involved

Help Others

You have “been there.” You make that first connection easier. To help you with this process, our Admissions staff is readily available to talk to you, your friend or your loved one seeking treatment.

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Keep Connected

We hope all RCA Alumni will continue to foster friendships and continue drug addiction recovery. We encourage you to connect through social media, network with other alumni, help others in need of recovery and stay connected to catch up, network or help you achieve your goals.

Keep Involved

There’s a wide spectrum of possibilities regardless of location and with varying levels of commitment. From volunteering to attending a regional chapter event to sharing your experiences with current patients, there are plenty of ways to show your RCA pride and be an active member in our drug addiction recovery alumni community.

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