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WorkFlex: Work while in inpatient rehab

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Focus on your recovery with the flexibility to work remotely in drug and alcohol rehab

Your health should always be your priority. Still, we understand that you may struggle to commit to inpatient treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction when weighing your options against work obligations. To help you put your recovery first, the team at Recovery Centers of America is breaking down barriers by giving patients the option to stay connected to work during treatment.

WorkFlex, a service unique to RCA, enables you to continue fulfilling employment or education responsibilities during your time at our inpatient rehab facility. Through this treatment enhancement service, you are empowered to keep your primary focus on your personal recovery during inpatient treatment, while having the ability to spend three hours a day maintaining virtual work obligations. All participants must be pre-approved prior to arrival at our facility.

Program locations

Illinois: St Charles

Indiana: Indianapolis

Maryland: Earleville | Waldorf

Massachusetts: Danvers

New Jersey: Mays Landing

Pennsylvania: Devon | Monroeville

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Spend time each day working virtually while maintaining focus on your treatment and recovery

WorkFlex enables you to balance your recovery and professional work while at our inpatient rehab facility. The service was specially designed so you can get your virtual work done without sacrificing your treatment experience. You will be allowed to bring a laptop and access the internet while in RCA’s inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center. The team at RCA is dedicated to our mission of saving lives from the disease of addiction, and we will ensure that while participating in RCA WorkFlex, your primary focus is your recovery.

Patients participating in the WorkFlex benefit from:

  • Dedicated work sessions (AM or PM option), five to seven days a week
  • Private, confidential setting to complete employment or academic responsibilities
  • Access to personal phone and laptop, as well as internet access through facility WIFI during allotted work time (to be used solely for work and school related activities)
  • Meal service during work time

Professionals and students in recovery will need the skills to balance their work and life in recovery. With this service, RCA’s patients can build a strong foundation in managing that balance from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions about WorkFlex

All participants must be pre-approved prior to arrival at our facility. RCA WorkFlex is one of the many best-in-class services provided by RCA that will help you begin living a healthy, happy and free life in recovery. Learn more about the service by reading our frequently asked questions.

Do I qualify for WorkFlex?

To qualify for  WorkFlex, you must commit to the full length of recommended inpatient treatment at RCA, as well as comply with all program rules and expectations. You will be expected to maintain focus on your recovery needs while in treatment. Our team will be there to support you in making this your priority.

Can I use FMLA or Short-Term Disability benefits in conjunction with WorkFlex?

The team can help identify FMLA and STD benefits that may be available through your employment. We will work with you to complete application forms to qualify for benefits so that you maintain your focus on recovery while in treatment. While engaging in the WorkFlex service, our on-site team will continue to assess and support you on your journey to recovery.

Does my employer or school need to know I am in treatment?

The decision to disclose your location and treatment status is up to you. However, if you are an employed participant, you will need to sign a consent to talk to your employer should the need arise. We require this in case expectations are broken or you decide to stop working, and FMLA or Short-Term Disability benefits need to be set up. Our main goal is to support you while you complete treatment and balance external responsibilities.

Can I bring my own laptop and cell phone to the rehab center?

Patients enrolled in WorkFlex must bring their own work-related technology. We will store your technology safely and securely when you are not using it during the allotted work hours. Note, you will only be able to use your technology on work related websites, emails and projects (e.g., no FaceTime, social media, entertainments sites or other unrelated work activities during your allotted work time)

Can you go on the internet while in drug and alcohol rehab?

Yes. If eligible for WorkFlex, you will be allowed internet access through the rehab facility’s WIFI for dedicated hours for the duration of your stay in inpatient. Internet access is to be used for work, business or study related purposes only.

Which RCA treatment programs allow WorkFlex?

No matter which recommended inpatient treatment program you enroll in, you can request to participate in WorkFlex as a treatment enhancement, so long as you meet the requirements of the program (e.g., you can complete your job responsibilities virtually and agree to the full length of recommended inpatient treatment).

Which RCA inpatient facilities offer WorkFlex?

What happens if my work becomes unmanageable and my recovery is off-balance?

If you decide you want to stop working while in treatment, our team will support you. We want your recovery to be your primary focus while at RCA. You can opt out of the WorkFlex program at any time and our team will support you in completing the next steps to ensure that continued treatment is attainable.



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