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Introduction to WorkFlex

WorkFlex at RCA

Focus on your recovery with a WorkFlex addiction treatment program. Your health should be your top priority. However, we understand that committing to inpatient addiction treatment can be challenging when considering work or school obligations. To help you put your recovery first, the Recovery Centers of America team is breaking down barriers by allowing patients to stay connected to work during treatment.

WorkFlex, a service unique to RCA, enables you to continue fulfilling responsibilities with education or work while in rehab. Through this treatment enhancement service, you are empowered to keep your primary focus on your recovery during inpatient treatment while having the ability to spend up to three hours a day maintaining virtual work obligations. All participants must be pre-approved before arrival at our center. Call us to get confidential help 24/7.

How a Flexible Addiction Treatment Program Can Impact Your Recovery

Spend time each day virtually working while focusing on your treatment and recovery. Our WorkFlex addiction treatment program enables you to balance your recovery and professional or schoolwork while at our rehab. The service was specially designed so you can get your virtual work done without sacrificing your treatment experience. You will be allowed to bring a laptop and access the internet.

The RCA team is dedicated to our mission of saving lives from addiction. While participating in our WorkFlex addiction treatment program, we will ensure that your primary focus is recovery.

Patients participating in the WorkFlex benefit from the following:

  • Dedicated work sessions (AM or PM option), up to three hours five–seven days a week
  • Private, confidential setting to complete employment or academic responsibilities.
  • Access to personal phone, laptop, and center’s WIFI during work hours, for work and school activities only.
  • Meal service during work time.

By having a flexible addiction recovery program, you can maintain a sense of normalcy and routine in your life while still receiving the help and support needed to overcome addiction. It allows you to continue working toward your personal and professional goals while also focusing on your health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions About WorkFlex

All participants must be pre-approved before arriving at our center. RCA’s WorkFlex addiction treatment program is one of the many best-in-class services provided by RCA that will help you begin living a healthy, happy, and free life in recovery. Learn more about the service by reading our frequently asked questions.

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