Drug & Alcohol Intervention Program

A drug and alcohol intervention isn’t about confrontation – it’s about finding a full-family solution. Recovery Centers of America’s Intervention specialists know how heart-breaking it can be to watch addiction consume your loved one; there are a lot of factors going into your decision. But with our Intervention specialists on your side, there’s a 90% chance your loved one will enter treatment. Our Intervention specialists work with you to build a team and to deliver a clear-cut plan to help your loved one.

All of our Intervention specialists have their Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) credential. Considered the gold standard in interventions, a CIP candidate must meet rigorous requirements in order to receive this credential, including intensive supervision throughout the drug & alcohol intervention process, education specific to the skills necessary to intervention, show proficiency in intervention modalities, submit a portfolio for consideration, and more. With this credential, you can feel confident your intervention will be lead with the care and expertise your family and loved one needs and deserves.

A Care Advocate will get you in touch with one of our Intervention Support Specialists, who will listen to your needs and initiate the process of an Intervention.
An RCA Interventionist will ask for more information about your loved one and dig deeper to understand different mindsets and feelings within the family.
Your family and Interventionist will go through the logistics, such as where the Intervention will be held, and come up with a team of individuals who will be present.
RCA’s Interventionist will anticipate any objections or barriers that may prevent your loved one from getting into treatment. Your family will be asked to craft a message from love and concern, while the Interventionist puts the treatment options together and puts a bed on hold for your loved one.
Here, your family will deliver their message of love and concern. The Interventionist will answer any questions, revisit objections, offer treatment options, and if applicable, will take your loved one directly to treatment.
RCA’s Interventionist will identify recovery efforts for each and every family member. This way, everyone can learn how to only support recovery and no longer support the addiction.

Our intervention specialists make your loved one feel safe, working to break down the barriers standing in the way of seeking drug and alcohol treatment, including:

  • Shame and stigma
  • Not knowing where to turn
  • Concerns about effectiveness
  • Disinterest in abstinence
  • Job Concerns
  • Financial Concerns
  • Transportation

During troubled situations involving police, the judicial system, and medical emergencies, our Interventionists are available to represent your loved one’s interests. They serve as your family’s advocate, providing support and helping you get a desirable outcome for your loved one. Our Interventionists will also act as court liaisons, recommend treatment as an alternative to incarceration, and deliver expert witness testimony about the positive effects of drug and alcohol treatment when necessary.

Our Interventionists will:

  • Plan the Intervention, preparing family and friends
  • Lead the Intervention, ensuring the conversation stays on track
  • Perform an initial clinical assessment
  • Discuss treatment options and financial considerations
  • Create and educate families on a recommended plan of action

Meet Our Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialists

To get ahead of your loved one’s addiction, an Intervention specialist will be there to guide your family through a process of education, intervention, and recovery. Our RCA Intervention specialists are ready to help anyone access the possibility of drug and alcohol treatment before they are actually “ready” or have “hit rock bottom.”

Meet RCA’s Intervention specialists below!

Community Understanding and Awareness

While you or your loved one participate in trauma and addiction treatment, find comfort in the fact that other participants understand and respect trauma and the sensitivities around it. The supportive community feel provides a safe environment for healing and growth. Your peers in group have also gone through trauma; they’re sympathetic and want to help.

At Recovery Centers of America, we want you or your loved one to feel safe physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At our facility, you or your loved one is surrounded by support and a sense of security from both peers and the staff, acting as a shield for your physical safety. Our therapists work on creating emotional, mental, and spiritual safety so you can be at your strongest to tackle your addiction.

Our brokenness summons light into the deepest crevices in our hearts.”
– Shauna L. Hoey

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