RCA Alumni Association Code of Conduct

Recovery from a substance use disorder is ongoing and having a support network is critical to maintaining sobriety and recovery. The Recovery Centers of America (RCA) Alumni Association was created with that in mind. The RCA Alumni Association provides alumni, along with their family and friends, the opportunity to meet new people, have new experiences, and learn new things that will support their long-term recovery. The RCA Alumni Association is open to anyone suffering from addiction. All are welcome.

RCA Alumni Association Code of Conduct

The RCA Alumni Association Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for all our interactions together, in RCA facilities, virtually and at off-site events. It is established with the best interest of the entire Alumni Association community in mind, and with the primary goal to aid in successful, long-term recovery by providing a network of individuals supportive of living a full life in recovery.

The RCA Alumni Association is based on 12-step recovery principles. We provide a safe space and encourage each member to help foster a secure and welcoming environment. Therefore, we ask that RCA Alumni Association members refrain from any behavior that might compromise another person’s safety or sobriety.

  1. Participation in the RCA Alumni Association is voluntary but encouraged as it can help strengthen recovery. Participation in RCA Alumni Association activities should be unifying and supportive.
  2. Participants in the RCA Alumni Association have the common goal of maintaining sobriety and recovery individually and helping others to accomplish the same.
  3. The needs of the group come first, and disruptive behavior must be avoided. Concerns or issues arising from an RCA Alumni Association meeting or event should be addressed via group conscience. RCA reserves the right to intervene in accordance with RCA policy.
  4. Safety of the group is of utmost importance. The maintenance of order, respect, and consideration should always exist. RCA Alumni Association will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form.
  5. Personal relationships established because of a connection through the RCA Alumni Association are of the members’ own free will. Similarly, the sharing of personal information with other RCA Alumni Association members is a personal choice.
  6. RCA Alumni Association events, meetings, and social media pages are not for the purpose of personal solicitation or the furtherance of personal business ventures.
  7. Groups and events hosted and monitored by the RCA Alumni Association are at the discretion of RCA. The format and times may be subject to change.
  8. The RCA Alumni Association values the anonymity of its members. We do not disclose membership or use Alumni Association members’ information or likenesses in communications or promotions without consent. No member has the right to break the confidentiality or anonymity of another member.
  9. The relationship between RCA employees and RCA Alumni Association members is strictly professional. Communications and interactions are to remain as such.
  10. While our common goal is life-long recovery, a reoccurrence may occur with the disease of addiction. The RCA Alumni Association and its members do not shame those who have had a reoccurrence and support members in seeking out assistance and treatment.
  11. To best preserve the atmosphere of safety, wellness, and recovery, RCA Alumni Association meetings and events are sober gatherings. Participants may be asked to leave an event or meeting if they are suspected to be under the influence of a substance. Rest assured, the RCA team will reach out and assist the participant with further support. If you or another RCA Alumni Association member needs urgent recovery assistance, please reach out to an RCA Alumni Coordinator, or call 1-800-RECOVERY.

By attending RCA Alumni Association sponsored activities, it is understood that you are willing to respect the Recovery Centers of America Alumni Association Code of Conduct.

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