Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment Programs Tailored to You and Your Family

Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best treatment plan for lasting recovery. Using proven clinical techniques, delivered with compassion and dignity, our expert staff will equip you with the tools you need to achieve a lifetime of recovery. At Recovery Centers of America, we combine comprehensive care—healing mind, body and spirit—with individualized treatment programs along with the support of family and alumni services. Grouped by gender, our specialized, evidence-based treatment programs include:

  • Discover: A program for young adults. As a young adult struggling with addiction, life can feel unbearable, the future unimaginable. We get it. At RCA’s Thrive Program is designed specifically for the developmental challenges of young men and women between the ages of 18-34. Some common co-occurring disorders treated in tandem with addiction in this program include anxiety, depression, ADD and eating disorders.
  • Evolutions: A program for adults ages 50+. RCA’s addiction treatment program for adults ages 50+ addresses challenges at this stage of life—hitting a career plateau, living as an empty nester, retirement, deteriorating health and sometimes facing an uncertain future. Patients in this program live and recover alongside their peers, and draw strength and understanding from one another on a journey to long-term recovery.
  • PRISE: A program for adults who have achieved recovery and relapsed. Ideally, relapse wouldn’t happen. But the reality is that it is a part of many people’s recovery journey. RCA’s PRISE (Promoting Recovery through Intensive Support and Education) program encourages re-dedication to recovery by taking deep look into what has worked and what has not, supporting greater accountability, developing lasting coping mechanisms and easing re-entry.
  • Breaking Free: A program for adults who Have experienced trauma. The Breaking Free program is tailored specifically to treat trauma alongside addiction, handling the two together as part of a therapeutic approach which takes the whole person into account.
  • Thrive: A program for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Thrive, RCA’s addiction treatment program for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, creates a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for our patients in this population. The program addresses issues of identity, coming out, the relation between sexual and gender status to recovery, self-harm and self-worth.
  • RESCU: A program for first responders and military members. RESCU (Recovering Emergency Service Community United) is RCA’s program for first responders (police and correctional officers, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs) and military service members, active or retired. The program itself is run by people who have first-hand experience as first responders or military. Attentive to the special set of stressors faced by this community, RESCU employs individual and group therapy, peer support groups, 12-Step meetings, as well as educational and therapeutic support services for their families, addressing issues of trauma, guilt, anxiety and depression, as well as ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all participants.
  • Frontline: A program for medical and behavioral health professionals. Frontline is designed to support patient-facing medical and behavioral health professionals by creating a safe and comfortable environment in which patients can recovery alongside peers with shared work-related trauma and experiences.
  • Freedom: The RCA Christian faith-based program incorporates the Christian faith to bear into addiction treatment. Whether you are already connected to your faith, or wishing to reconnect to it, this program will integrate Christian principles into effective addiction treatment.

Whichever program fits your particular needs and background, Recovery Centers of America will combine the best in comprehensive addiction treatment with the detailed and dignified attention of individualized care, so you and your family can enjoy a life of lasting recovery.

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