Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Every Patient Is Different

Each patient has a unique background, a set of individual concerns, and varying substance abuse problems, plus potential psychological and physical health challenges. At Recovery Centers of America, we’ve created programs and specialized services to meet the needs of each patient. These programs and services are led by a group of medical professionals who use their expertise and knowledge to guide patients towards recovery. As a part of our full continuum of care, these programs and services are available both in residential treatment and long-term recovery.

Here are some of the key treatment programs RCA offers, which we’ve designed using the strongest clinical and evidence-based practices:

    • Young Adults (18 years or older) – There’s been a rising need for tailored care among the young adult population – and we meet that need. Our approach to substance abuse treatment for young adults enables us to treat young men and women who might still be dependent on parents or in college. Their treatment plan is customized, with a focus on attention and decision-making.
    • Adults – Substance abuse treatment programs for adults require a unified approach that addresses all physical and psychological issues simultaneously. We develop care plans on an individual basis to specifically combat the unique set of pressures and triggers in each patient’s life.
    • Older Adults –Treatment for older adults often requires more intensive medical support, as withdrawal is typically more difficult and dangerous. Additional care is taken by our team of professionals to lessen the stress that social and psychological withdrawal, as well as behavior modification, places on these patients.
    • Families – When it comes to addiction, the entire family needs to be treated. A crucial component of our approach to substance abuse treatment is restoring faith and understanding in our patients and their families through a comprehensive family program. More importantly, the success rate in treating addiction goes up dramatically if the most significant people in someone’s life are involved in treatment.
    • Relapsed Individuals – Confidence and dignity are restored to individuals with history of relapse by an approach founded on integrated, evidence-based behavioral health and medication-assisted therapies. What’s crucial to our patients and their recovery is being comfortable where they live and developing a new community of recovery and solidarity. We help our patients learn to replace harmful people, places, and things with positive people, places, and things right where they live today.

A successful treatment program also needs to ensure you’re devoid of distractions.
Since women and men have different treatment needs, we mandate gender-separate treatment using evidence-based best practices. Gender-separate groups will focus on their respective treatment needs and protocols, but meet together periodically with peers to discuss the daily challenges and tools needed to live a sober life.

Specialized Inpatient Treatment Programs

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