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The goal of alcohol and drug rehab facilities is long-term recovery for patients, not only do we care about long-term recovery, here at Recovery Centers of America (RCA) we focus on what helps set patients up for success.

In the world of science and medicine, new things are being learned all the time. The same is true in the world of rehab and substance use. Information evolves and changes. Best practices shift and grow. Staying up to date on the latest advancements offers the best chance of success for our patients.

This is one of the main principles of evidence-based treatment, one of our core pillars here at Recovery Centers of America (RCA).  We believe in continually improving our treatment program to provide the best foundation for our patient’s long-term recovery. That’s what they deserve from us.

Here at RCA, we care about outcomes. These outcomes give us the best look into how exactly our treatment program is impacting our patients over time. Recovery isn’t easy, so we work hard to ensure we’re doing everything possible for our patients. Treatment programs need to work even after patients are done with inpatient or residential treatment. If they’re not strong enough to stand up once they’ve left, then they’re not giving patients the new start they deserve.

Recovery Centers of America (RCA) prides itself on an evidence-based care model that is both unique and patient-centered. This innovative approach is designed to treat addiction and sustain recovery, ensuring personalized and effective care through three distinct pathways and six core tenets.

Programs often talk about individualized care, which can be done through treatment planning and individual sessions. However, most of a patient’s time in treatment is spent in group sessions so how does a program continue to tailor and individualize care in the group setting? Our answer was to develop 3 specific pathways that are tailored to the different needs of our patients. Being able to put patients into the pathway that works best for their needs helps boost their chances of long-term recovery. 

Patients in the Foundations Pathway are receiving inpatient treatment for the first time and will focus on learning about addiction and resources available to them.

Our Fresh Start Pathway is for those who have tried treatment before, but need something new. It focuses on past successes and struggles to chart a course towards recovery.


Patients in our Balance Pathway are suffering from SUD as well as diagnosed mental or medical condition. We provide psychiatric services to address the underlying mental health issues.

RCA’s Six Tenets encompass a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, emphasizing key principles for sustained sobriety, all while keeping the patient the focal point.

  1. Integration of 12-Step Programs: RCA seamlessly integrates the 12-step program and other successful recovery support programs into daily practices.
  2. Strategic Use of Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT): Offering MAT at a higher rate than the national average results in an impressive 20% reduction in readmissions.
  3. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): Utilizing evidence-based skills training and coaching.
  4. Measurement-Driven Care: Implementing evidence-based symptom measures that track and contribute to positive outcomes.
  5. Alumni Support Program: A robust program that eases the transition back into daily life and provides long-term sober supports.
  6. Family Support and Involvement: Recognizing the crucial role of family support in long-term success.

Don’t wait to get the help you or a loved one urgently need

RCA provides a comprehensive continuum of care, including medically supervised alcohol detoxification and drug detoxification, residential treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). RCA also collaborates with primary care physicians (PCPs) and mental health providers to support all aspects of patient care.

Medically supervised detoxification in a safe and comfortable setting.

Clinically managed based on medical necessity and clinical criteria.

A structured program of outpatient services inclusive of group and individual therapy.

A continuation of group and individual therapy sessions, IOP, provides 9-19 hours of structured programming per week.

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New Data Shows Success of Evidence Based Care Model

RCA’s outcomes significantly surpass national standards with key data showing lower readmission rates at 30 and 90 days.   

30 Day Readmit90 Day Readmit
RCA Facilities (11 Sites)7.5%14.9%
Expected Readmit Rates (Based on National Averages)10%20%
*Readmission data is based on RCA readmission data and is collaborated by major payors. Data includes positive results in BAM scores, with protective scores higher and risk scores lower than the national average. 

*The Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM) is used as the primary psychometric screener. The BAM measures the following changes during inpatient care:

  • Protective Score: Improvements in recovery-oriented behavior to protect against relapse (spirituality, attendance at self-help programs, confidence in sobriety)
  • Risk Score: Reductions in risky relapse-related behaviors (sleeping issues, cravings, feelings of depression/anxiety)

For patients opting to use MAT, RCA’s approach contributes to a 20% reduction in readmissions.

2023 FoRSE Average2023 RCA Average

RCA has admitted over 70,000 patients into care

RCA has transported 35,000 patients to treatment

RCA’s Mission Center has answered over 80,000 calls

RCA has completed 2,400 staged interventions

RCA answers over 25,000 calls a month

RCA is contracted with over 50 health insurance carriers, MBHOs, and TPAs

Recovery Centers of America’s evidence-based care model stands as a beacon of innovation, providing exceptional, personalized care that yields impressive outcomes. RCA’s commitment to addressing individual needs, leveraging evidence-based practices, and ensuring operational excellence sets it apart as a leader in the addiction treatment industry.



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