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Support through a Lifetime of Recovery

Recovery is a lifelong process, a way of living free from the burden of drugs and alcohol. At whatever stage you begin this journey, Recovery Centers of America will be with you at every step. Here’s how:

  • Detox Treatment: In many cases, people abusing alcohol, opioids or benzos need detoxification to help them safely and comfortably stop the use of the substance. RCA provides a medically monitored drug and alcohol detox treatment.
  • Inpatient Residential Treatment: Residential inpatient treatment allows you to rest and rebuild while immersed in a comfortable, therapeutic environment, developing tools and resources for a lifetime of recovery. An intensive combination of individual, group and family therapy arms you to reenter your daily life with effective skills to fight addiction and to continue on a path toward lifelong recovery. Residential treatment may follow detox or may be the point at which a person begins their recovery journey. Our team will assess your symptoms and guide you on the path that is most safe and effective for you.
  • Outpatient and Telehealth Treatment:Find lasting recovery with flexible outpatient treatment options. Whether you are starting or continuing your treatment with outpatient services, Recovery Centers of America provides both in-person and virtual individual, group and family therapy in outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment works best for people who already have stopped, or significantly reduced their use of substances, have some skills to avoid immediate relapse and need to continue building on that foundation toward a meaningful and productive life. It is an ideal treatment setting in which to deal with some of the underlying concerns that fueled substance abuse in the first place.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Along with behavioral counseling, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioids and alcohol will help remove cravings and withdrawal symptoms while also helping to prevent relapse and to promote long-term recovery. MAT helps to control the physical distress associated with addiction and frees you to work on healing your emotions and learning new behaviors that contribute to a life of which you can be proud.
  • Alumni Association: People need people. The support of a recovery community is proven to help people stay committed and connected in their ongoing recovery. Participation in our Alumni Association will help you maintain long-term recovery in the company of your peers through meetings, events and more.

Flourish in addiction treatment programs tailored to you

Available during inpatient treatment and in the course of long-term recovery, we offer adults ages 18+ evidence-based treatment programs for:

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Families and loved ones deserve recovery, too.

If you are here looking for help for your loved one, we want you to know you deserve recovery, too. You are not alone. Our team provides family support services to help you transform and enrich your own life, including family programs and events, family support groups and family therapy. There’s no need to wait until your loved one is in treatment. We can help you now. Learn more

RCA’s Interventionist Team

Do you need support getting your loved one into treatment?

Delivered by Certified Intervention Professionals, interventions are a solution for a loved one who may not be willing to commit to treatment yet. Our team has a 90% success rate in admitting patients by way of intervention. Let us help you. Learn more

RCA’s Interventionist Team

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