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Accessible, and affordable addiction treatment is in reach.

If concerns about paying for treatment have kept you or a loved one from seeking help, we’re here to break down those barriers. We accept most major insurance providers and also work with out-of-network providers to ensure quality care is possible. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans at no interest if needed. 

Verify Your Insurance

To find out how much addiction treatment your health insurance will cover, call us, or complete our insurance verification form. Upon submitting the form, our team of advisors will get back to you within minutes.

Insurance Accepted

We’re in-network with most major insurance plans.

Our team will verify your insurance first to determine your initial needs.

Because we contract with most major health insurance providers this helps remove the barrier to entry. If we don’t contract with your insurance provider, we’ll work with your out-of-network benefits to ensure you still benefit from your insurance plan and receive the most appropriate level of care. Based on the benefits you receive and what each of our centers can offer, we may recommend a particular RCA location to maximize your insurance benefits. Call us to learn more. 

Flexible, No-Interest Payment Plans

If your health insurance still leaves you with concerns about the cost of addiction treatment, we provide flexible payment plans to help you manage the remainder of your cost of care. Based on your needs, our team will discuss a payment plan with you before treatment begins. You may adjust your payment plan as needed throughout your addiction treatment program to align with your evolving needs and progress. RCA payment plans have no interest costs or prepayment penalties. 



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