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RCA Radio Hour Explains the Importance of Family for Recovery

Ken Redmile

Authored by Ken Redmile

On the first Tuesday of every month, Tara Rivera, treatment advocate for Recovery Centers of America, representing our Massachusetts facilities RCA at Danvers and RCA at Westminster, co-hosts the Recovery Centers of America Radio Hour on Boston’s WKPZ the K-Zone 105.3FM and 1280AM.

Rivera stressed the importance of working with families both to initiate the recovery process and to help ensure long-term recovery, laying particular emphasis on the need for families to remain focused on the present.

The episode also featured Robert Strauber, Associate Director for Interventions at RCA, who reinforced the role of the family from the perspective of addressing their needs rather than simply their role in their loved ones’ recovery process.

As Strauber drove the point home: “We really need to educate the families. We really need to get them to start to speak their own recovery language, so that when we do approach their loved ones’ we can start to walk the walk.”  

Listen to the conversation here.

Click here for more on RCA’s family programming.

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Authored by

Ken Redmile

Ken Redmile



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