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Industry Leader Appointed CEO of Largest Addiction Treatment Center in Washington, D.C. Area

Dillon McClernon

Authored by Dillon McClernon

Recovery Centers of America (RCA), a community-based addiction treatment provider delivering evidence-based care, has hired Adam Brickner, MPA, as chief executive officer of its 140-bed Waldorf facility serving Southern Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area, according to a press release.

Brickner, who has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing programs in diverse communities, has dedicated his life to ensure individuals and families suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health disorders receive the highest quality clinical and therapeutic care.

“I was attracted to Recovery Centers of America by its reputation and their commitment to getting people the level of care they need with 24/7 operations, door-to-door services and master’s-level staff training,” Brickner said in the release. “Integrity is key when delivering addiction treatment services and the level of service and work here is beyond reproach.”

Among his accomplishments as a leader in treatment program implementation, Brickner most recently created and executed The Family Effect Foundation, a nonprofit corporation to fundraise for services at the Phoenix Center in South Carolina, where he worked as executive director. His work focuses on expanding addiction treatment services in communities who need affordable, accessible care and sees RCA as the best place to do that, the press release states.

Brickner also served as president and CEO of Baltimore City’s Substance Use Systems where he managed a yearly budget of $50 million to provide uninsured and underinsured individuals access to addiction treatment. There, he oversaw the management of treatment services for the city, working among 70 treatment agencies.

Earlier in his career Brickner was appointed as the city of Denver’s first ‘drug czar’ serving as director of the Office of Drug Strategy where he launched a program to provide housing and treatment for homeless young adults with SUD.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Adam to our team,” said RCA’s chief operations officer J.P. Christen, in the release. “He is one of the most accomplished leaders in this industry. His passion for erasing the stigma of addiction and delivery of innovative treatment to families struggling with addiction will help thousands access the high-quality care that’s desperately needed in Washington, D.C.”

Brickner holds two masters’ degrees — one in public administration from Clemson University, and another in executive leadership from the University of Maryland, College Park. He received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, the press release states.

Authored by

Dillon McClernon

Dillon McClernon

Dillon currently serves as the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at RCA. After his tenure as Chief Communications Officer and senior advisor to RCA, he opted for a full-time position at RCA where he could build a new team linking sales and marketing to directly impact RCA’s mission of saving 1 million lives.


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