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Are You Dependent on Alcohol? Best Methods for How to Stop Drinking

Stop Drinking in a Safe Way with Alcohol Rehab Centers


Do you struggle to get through the day without alcohol? Or do you believe you have you developed a dependency or addiction to alcohol? Or do you feel like you need alcohol first thing in the morning to steady your nerves? If you answered “Yes” to any these questions, you are not alone.  An estimated 18 million adult Americans abuse alcohol or are chronic alcoholics.

Perhaps now you are attempting to find the best road to recovery and considering all of your options available. If so, we commend you. It can be difficult to face a chronic illness such as alcoholism, but it is vital to your future.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention documented that about 88,000 lives are claimed each year due to alcohol abuse.

How to stop drinking

If you want to quit, but aren’t sure how, Lighthouse is here to help. Our alcohol rehab centers will give you the tools and resources necessary on how to stop drinking and begin to lead a life of sobriety.  When it comes to teaching someone how to stop drinking, it is vital that our patient receives the safest methods and treatment process.  It is also important to understand what could potentially happen if one were to quit without professional assistance, or leave the disease untreated.

The First Step

  • A major step in finding out how to stop drinking with treatment is to set goals and reach out to a recovery center. We believe an intervention is the first big step towards a full recovery.What happens during an intervention?
    • Professional interventionists will work with patients to customize treatment plans and discuss financial capabilities.  They are available onsite or can work with our patient in the convenience of their own home.
    • In addition to preparing our patients, RCA provide services and care for family and friends.
    • At Lighthouse, our interventionists will be available to accompany patients to treatment programs if requested.
    • We also provide transportation to treatment via black car service.

Next on the List…

  • The next critical step in how to stop drinking after intervention is the detoxification process.  The detox process is the most critical, and it can also create serious health risks if not treated properly.  Our team of experienced medical professionals conduct comprehensive medical evaluations to ensure a safe detoxification process.  We want to ensure our patients experience as little pain as possible when it comes to the side effects associated with withdrawal.

In Conclusion

  1. After our patients safely complete the detoxification process, our team of licensed clinicians conduct clinical assessments to determine the best treatment option for our patients.  Additional services and programs are easily accessible for our patients use.  Our other alcohol rehab center treatment programs include:
    • inpatient/Residential Treatment
    • Partial Care Services
    • Intensive outpatient Program
    • Traditional outpatient Treatment
    • Recovery Support Services
    • Concurrent Recovery Monitoring
    • Self-Help Groups

As our patient, you will find the journey to recovery challenging, yet rewarding.  Lighthouse will provide you with the tools to stop drinking, and soon you will be heading towards a life of sobriety.  We serve as a support service for our patients and their families.  You do not need to travel alone during your journey.  Contact your primary physician for more information on how to stop drinking and which of our alcohol rehab centers is right for you, or reach out to us today at 1-800-RECOVERY.

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