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How Real Survivors of the Opioid Crisis Brought Sno Babies to Life

James Malervy

Authored by James Malervy

It wasn’t in our budget to hire a consultant on set, but we wanted some expert advice. Mike’s son, Dr. Michael Walsh, at the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine, referred us to Dr. Deni Carise, clinical psychologist and chief clinical Officer at Recovery Centers of America. Dr. Carise was not only local, but was the technical consultant on the drug use in The Wolf of Wall Street. The Sno Babies script resonated with her, and she came on board — pro bono — to help us accurately tell our story. 

During a crucial overdose scene for Paola, Dr. Carise was on-set and at the monitor with me the entire time. The overdose and the reaction to the drug Narcan had to be completely authentic, down to the reviving gasp of breath, and the subsequent agitation and fear. Paola nailed the scene.  

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Authored by

James Malervy

James Malervy

Jim Malervy is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Recovery Centers of America (RCA) and is passionate about helping RCA in achieving its mission of saving over 1 Million Lives.


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