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Outpatient Treatment

How Does Outpatient Rehab Work?

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When entering rehab, RCA will recommend either an inpatient or an outpatient addiction rehab program. Contact Recovery Centers of America online or call [Direct] to learn how an outpatient drug or alcohol rehab works to lead you or your loved one on the path to recovery. 

What to Know About Outpatient Rehab 

When addiction is severe or medically assisted detox is needed, inpatient treatment is usually in a person’s best interest. For milder addiction cases, the outpatient rehab process at Recovery Centers of America offers a convenient path to overcoming addiction.  

Beginning with Assessment 

Successful addiction treatment begins with an assessment. Using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria, patients entering RCA are evaluated to see what types of alcohol and drug addiction services are needed.1 

There are six dimensions to the assessment:  

  • Dimension 1 – Acute intoxicant and withdrawal potential, exploring personal substance use and withdrawal experiences. 
  • Dimension 2 – Biomedical conditions and complications, focusing on current health and history. 
  • Dimension 3 – Emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions, examining thoughts, emotions, and mental health. 
  • Dimension 4 – Readiness to change, assessing willingness for life changes. 
  • Dimension 5 – Relapse, continued use, or problem potential, analyzing unique relationships with these issues. 
  • Dimension 6 – Recovery and living environment, looking into recovery situation and interactions with surroundings. 

Using the information from the six dimensions, RCA therapists determine the level of care recommended to start recovery.  

Starting a Specific Type of Treatment 

How does outpatient drug or alcohol rehab work? Depending on the treatment center, RCA offers two types of outpatient treatment at various levels of care to help you on your path to recovery: 

At RCA, our levels of outpatient programming can be used together or separately, tailored to each patient’s needs. 

Going to Therapy Sessions  

An essential part of all outpatient treatment levels are the different therapy sessions patients attend. RCA offers individual therapy, group therapy, and family coaching to help patients work through their substance use issues.  

Using the 12-Step Approach  

As part of outpatient treatment at RCA, many patients engage in a 12-step program, often attending fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)2 or Narcotics Anonymous (NA)3 for support. Group members focus on admitting their problems to aid recovery, promoting long-term success and freedom from addiction, and establishing a solid support network. 

Connect with RCA for More Information on Outpatient Rehab Treatment 

At RCA, our goal is to support your lasting recovery. That’s why we’ve created outpatient treatment programs and specialized services to meet the needs of each specific patient. Are you or a loved one ready to change for the better and start on a path toward recovery? Contact us online or call [Direct] today to learn more about our outpatient rehab process. 


  1. The American Society of Addiction Medicine – The ASAM Criteria, 4th Edition 
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous 
  3. Narcotics Anonymous 

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