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6 Mental Health Issues That VR Technology Already Helps With

James Malervy

Authored by James Malervy

Addiction is often linked to anxiety and depression, creating a vicious cycle of triggers. VR-based therapy can reduce their negative influence and teach you methods to stay calm and confident when cravings hit.

The technology is already in use as an experimental treatment at Recovery Centers of America. It tries to ease anxiety alongside addiction by tailoring virtual environments to the needs of each patient and teaching them ways to tackle stressors in real life.

The immersive nature of the experience makes it very engaging as the patient completes tasks and practices self-soothing techniques, like meditation and breath control. Ultimately, the patient should be able to regulate their own emotions and resist triggers.

While still evolving as a form of mental health treatment, VR is already proving itself a valuable tool in reducing addiction, as well as many of its associated stressors.

“6 Mental Health Issues That VR Technology Already Helps With”,,

Authored by

James Malervy

James Malervy

Jim Malervy is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Recovery Centers of America (RCA) and is passionate about helping RCA in achieving its mission of saving over 1 Million Lives.


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