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Hope in many forms

The 12th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous reads “we try to carry the message” together. Learn about the ways you can be of service and help carry the message of hope to others new to recovery.

I’m passionate about helping others struggling with addiction, because there were people passionate about helping me.

Reggie G

RCA Alumni

Find a service commitment that fits your life

By offering your time to be of service, you can strengthen your individual recovery, the ties you have with the site where you received treatment and help enrich the recovery of others. The Alumni Association and all its volunteer opportunities are open to anyone – all are welcome.      

This is a ‘we’ program, and we cannot do this without you, so if you see a volunteer opportunity that piques your interest, please contact your Alumni Coordinator who will happily work with you to establish a commitment that is meaningful and is in line with your recovery.

Become an Alumni in Mentorship (AIM)

Our Alumni in Mentorship (AIM) program aspires to connect current patients with select alumni mentors to learn from and be inspired by those that are living proof that recovery is possible. As an Alumni in Mentorship, your perspective and relatability will help our patients prepare for their journey into early recovery.  

To be considered as an Alumni in Mentorship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully completed inpatient treatment at an RCA facility
  • Engaged in the RCA Alumni Association and actively participating in a recovery program
  • Achieved a minimum of 6 months of continuous sobriety

Dedicate your time to an Alumni Meeting

The Alumni Association hosts 12-step based Alumni Meetings on site each week. These meetings are intended for you to get together with your peers in a familiar space to foster the connections you made in treatment and create new, lasting bonds.

You can be of service to others at these meetings by carrying the message of recovery from the disease of addiction through the 12 steps and 12 traditions. As an alumnus, you can volunteer to chair the Alumni Meetings at your site or get involved by volunteering to greet visitors, hand out material, or help set up and break down each meeting. By getting in service at an Alumni Meeting, you can gain the experience to confidently attend and chair other outside meetings.

To be of service at an Alumni Meeting, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Achieved a minimum of 60 days of continuous sobriety to chair or speak
  • Achieved a minimum of 30 days of continuous sobriety to greet fellow alumni, set up or break down meeting space, or hand out material

Contribute to a virtual community

We recognize that you may not live within a neighborhood local to an RCA facility, but that doesn’t exclude you from taking on a service commitment.

The Alumni Association hosts virtual meetings each day chaired by alumni just like you. With a thriving virtual community of supportive alumni, getting in service by chairing a virtual meeting is one of the best ways to stay connected and give back from wherever you are.

Grow roots in your community

The Alumni Association at Recovery Centers of America aims to be present and valuable to the neighborhoods we serve, and we want you to be a part of that effort.

The service opportunities that exist within our community partnerships vary based upon the treatment center, so if you are interested in being of service to your local area, please touch base with your Alumni Coordinator. Our Alumni Coordinators are hard at work establishing partnerships with the community to share plenty of great opportunities to give back. These volunteer experiences can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Clothing/Food/Toy Drives
  • Volunteering at local homeless shelters or food banks
  • Site Cleanups such as parks, beaches, etc.

Dedicating your time to helping others is a valiant effort, and no act of service is too small. If you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities, please contact your regional Alumni Coordinator to get started.



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