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Diet & Nutrition

Farm to table dining options on the menu every day at an RCA addiction recovery center. Our nutritionists and chefs have our patient’s health and diet in mind at every meal.

A healthy diet can provide a number of benefits

When in recovery, a healthy diet can provide a number of benefits. It can improve positive feelings, reduce negative emotions and stress, and strengthen the mind and body from the damages of substance abuse.

We understand the impact diet and nutrition can have on our patients’ recovery and treatment, which is why we provide individualized nutrition counseling at every RCA addiction recovery center. All of this is designed as part of our “Healthy Habits” curriculum, which enables our patients to:

  • Identify healthy habits in early recovery
  • Identify behaviors that can be controlled
  • Develop healthy habits that are beneficial
  • Notice positive changes in treatment
  • Become more aware of current habits
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