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Entering rehab for drug & alcohol addiction treatment

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Entering rehab for drug & alcohol addiction treatment

There are several important things to consider when thinking about entering inpatient rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, namely, transportation options for getting there, what items you need to bring with you to treatment, what will be provided for you at the facility and what you can expect during your first 24 hours of treatment, as well as employment, financial and legal assistance.

Transportation to rehab

We believe transportation should never be a barrier for individuals seeking addiction treatment. If you cannot get to treatment on your own, we will provide you with secure and comfortable transportation to a Recovery Centers of America (RCA) addiction treatment facility.

What to bring to rehab

The key to packing for rehab is to make sure that you pack light and smart for the duration of your stay. Since laundry services are available, enough clean clothes for five days should be more than enough. There are several more essential items that should be on every person’s packing list as well as other items that are optional but recommended. Of course, there are also some items that should never be brought to treatment and some that may actually be counter intuitive.

Your first 24 hours in inpatient rehab

The first 24 hours of heroin, opioid, and alcohol addiction treatment are crucial to a successful recovery, it’s important to come into treatment prepared and ready. Your first 24 hours in treatment will begin with physical and psychological assessments to ascertain your exact needs and create an addiction treatment plan customized for your situation. This will be followed by an intake process where you’ll receive materials and supplies for your stay, as well as a tour of the facilities. You will then be taken to your room in the detox unit to undergo a medically supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol. A meal and comfort medications to assist with any withdrawal related symptoms will be provided soon thereafter.

Employment, legal and financial assistance

Your focus during treatment should be on getting well. For employment, legal and financial matters, you will have both a financial counselor and a case manager to help you navigate the logistics.

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