PRISE at Recovery Centers of America

PRISE, a Program Designed for Patients who have Relapsed

The path to recovery is unique to each person struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, some following the path to recovery encounter the recurrence of substance use disorder, more commonly referred to as relapse. For some people it takes multiple attempts at recovery, and with each passing attempt they may feel less optimistic about their future. At Recovery Centers of America, we see each attempt at recovery as a sign of commitment and hope. We strongly believe that recurrence of the symptoms of substance use disorder is not a moral failing but is part of a very treatable disease.

A new program at every inpatient Recovery Centers of America location was designed specifically to inspire hope and reconnect patients who experienced a relapse with the road to recovery. This specialized program uses a therapeutic, evidence-based approach for those with whom recovery has been elusive. PRISE, ‘Promoting Recovery through Intensive Support and Education,’ focuses on recovery and a bright future rather than addiction. The 3-4 week program is based on three models:

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy: Patients are reconnected with earlier values and aspirations, learn to let negative emotions and behavior “pass through” and take a stand for themselves by staking their own claim on recovery.
  • Narrative Therapy: Staff work with patients by making their problems concrete and thus easier to solve. By identifying addiction – and not the person – as the problem, patients can apply solutions more easily. A basic tenet of Narrative Therapy is “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”
  • Positive Psychology: Through various community activities, work therapy and doing for others, patients learn true gratitude – which, in turn, energizes them to move forward. This is in the spirit of the 12th Step directive to help the next person. A simple act of helping another person struggling with addiction, science has proven, can trigger the happiness neural pathways in the brain.

Relapse Prevention Program

The curriculum of PRISE is designed to reunite patients with their former values. Interactive seminars and individual activities cover multiple topics, inclusive of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Understanding the Brain and Biology of Addiction– Patients will be taught the latest scientific findings that pinpoint what happens to the brain when powerful drugs or alcohol are introduced, and how drugs and alcohol dominate the individual’s behavior
  • Commitment and Getting Grounded– Patients will commit to exploring what really matters to them, and learn grounding techniques which can work against the urge to drink or use drugs
  • The Five-point Cycle of Addiction and The Inner Critic– Patients will learn how to evaluate their thinking and quiet the inner critic in order to improve their outcomes
  • Forgiveness, Perception, Gratitude– Forgiving yourself, viewing yourself through a clear lens and experiencing daily gratitude are all means by which patients can move forward and redefine their future

Curriculum Preview for PRISE: A Program for Patients who have Relapsed

Do you want to learn more about PRISE? Download this preview of the proprietary clinical content we use every day at our facilities.

Recurrence of Substance Use Disorder Prevention Groups

Those participating in the PRISE program at each of the Recovery Centers of America inpatient locations will have a strong support system, perhaps unlike one they have ever had before. The seasoned treatment team and program participants will work closely together throughout this 3-4 week program.

Also involved with the program at certain sites are the members of the RCA Alumni Association. Patients will be matched with alumni mentors for face-to-face guidance on moving from the world of addiction into the world of recovery.

Patients will also have the opportunity to help others through community involvement. Live volunteer experiences within and outside RCA, meetings with adolescents in a local adolescent drug treatment program, and attending outside AA and NA meetings are all aspects of this program patients will participate in.

Lastly, RCA’s clinicians realize that just as patients who have relapsed may have lost hope, so too may have their families. Studies have shown that family involvement is a significant ingredient to success on the journey of recovery. Masters-level clinicians at RCA will provide counseling, education and engagement with patients’ families, utilizing the same three clinical principles offered to patients: Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Positive Psychology.

The Journey of Substance Addiction Recovery

Recovery Centers of America provides a full menu of wellness activities and programs that will be alternative outlets for the stress and anxiety that typically characterize addiction and assist with recovery. Examples include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Music therapy
  • 12 Step Yoga
  • 12-Step immersion
  • Spirituality (which is distinct from religion)
  • Practical lessons on managing ones’ life, finances, cooking, etc.

Support and treatment don’t stop once you complete the PRISE program at Recovery Centers of America. RCA offers a full continuum of care, inclusive of outpatient programs. Our team will be with you and your family every step of the way. Besides offering a specialized program to improve outcomes for patients who have relapsed Recovery Centers of America is also diligently working to reduce the stigma associated with relapse through advocacy and by promoting the use of the non-stigmatized term recurrence of substance use disorder as an alternative.

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