Rochelle Brown, M.A., CAADC, primary therapist of outpatient services at RCA in Malvern. Rochelle began to build her experience, working as an intern at Eagleville Hospital while she was pursuing a baccalaureate degree at Valley Forge Christian College in 2002.  Rochelle built from that experience and plunged into the field wanting to learn different modalities and key positions that enhance the continuum care. As a result of her enthusiasm, Rochelle is now a well-rounded clinician that has worked with diverse populations. Rochelle has found satisfaction serving as a group therapist for inpatient and outpatient, utilization reviewer, clinical assessor, case manager and a clinical supervisor. Rochelle has over twenty years working in the behavioral health field. Rochelle graduated with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Immaculata University in 2010 and received her CAADC in 2019.  Rochelle received a CBT certification from Penn Medicine in 2020 and finds this theoretical approach realistic for a process of change.  Rochelle’s passion to serve is still the “ah ha” moments the client gets when they realize something clicked for them on their journey of discovery!

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