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Tips for those in recovery for maintaining sobriety during coronavirus pandemic

Dillon McClernon

Authored by Dillon McClernon

One of the sayings in Alcoholics Anonymous is “you are only as sick as your secrets.” And if you are self isolating because of COVID-19, that can be pretty secret. 

“The vast majority of AA meetings, support groups and what not have stopped meeting. So if somebody is in recovery, and they have a sponsor, they should make a point to call them everyday, maybe at the same time,” said Dr. Deni Carise, a clinical psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania and chief scientific officer at Recovery Centers of America.

Another issue, she said, is the people around you. If a whole family is together, work out a plan before something happens.

“We get into an argument. You go into the basement, or the living room. I’ll go into the family room and things like that. So just because you’re in the same house doesn’t mean you have to be on top of each other,” she added. 

Carise said other options include starting a hobby or getting out in nature. And she said there’s also plenty of support online.

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Authored by

Dillon McClernon

Dillon McClernon

Dillon currently serves as the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at RCA. After his tenure as Chief Communications Officer and senior advisor to RCA, he opted for a full-time position at RCA where he could build a new team linking sales and marketing to directly impact RCA’s mission of saving 1 million lives.


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