The Reality and the Hope:
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Quotes for Families

The following quotes about drug addiction and the family offer a realistic yet optimistic vision of the struggles a family faces over a loved one’s addiction. While the difficulties are undeniable, help is available and hope is real. 

10 Quotes about Addiction and Family

1. How to Encourage Someone Struggling with Substance Abuse

You want to help your loved ones, but difficult emotions can get in the way. By accessing your love for them, you can say the things that aid in their recovery—stressing the solution rather than re-emphasizing the problem.

2. Finding Love at the Bottom

The bottom is when those who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are able, finally, to ask for help. Though your love for them might incline you to attempt to ease their suffering earlier—while they are still using—enabling them only delays their recovery.

3. The Rollercoaster of Addiction

The rollercoaster of addiction takes both your loves ones and yourselves for a ride. On its descent, the fear and futility induce a dizzying effect, and you feel like a hamster on the wheel.

4. Accepting Accountability

While the temptation to condemn and punish addicted loved ones is understandable, you must remember that they are in the grip of a pervasive illness. However, this is not to excuse any and all bad behavior forever. There a comes a time, in the course of recovery, for accountability, and you must protect yourselves from those who are constitutionally unwilling or unable to adopt it.

5. Rebuilding Life

As the family is not removed from the damage of addiction, they are also a part of the rebuilding of recovery. A joint effort of finding love and value, new dreams will be forged together—exceeding past expectations.

6. Conflicts at Home

The spouses of addicted loved ones seesaw between conflict and reconcilation. You fight and then you make-up, you part ways and then get back together again. You realize that you are powerless when what you thought was the final battle is followed by another.

7. Becoming Strangers to Us

In the grip of addiction, your loved ones become estranged from themselves and you. Under the spell of drugs and alcohol they no longer seem themselves—a different people altogether. This creates a barrier between you and them, as you cannot connect as you once did.

8. Love and Opportunity in Recovery

Recovery is available to everyone, young and old, with opportunity and love being the main keys to entry. What form do opportunity and love take?—Sometimes cheerful, sometimes firm. But in any form, you should make them available as the need arises.

9. A Mother’s Role in Recovery

Mothers move along with their addicted children from pain to growth, from the problem to the solution. They share suffering and joy, guided by love, on the path of recovery.

10. Making Sense of Addictive Behavior

From destroying their lives to expressing a desperate desire to stop despite carrying on anyway, the behavior of an addicted love one often appears mysterious from the outside. You can, however, make sense of this pattern by recognizing their powerlessness, which is their inability to overcome their mind’s drive to use. With this recognition, help and hope become available.

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