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Recovery Centers of America Shares Dry January Tips for Living and Learning picked up our release in its entirety on 1/18/23.

Recovery Centers of America (RCA), Recovery Centers of America (RCA), one of the premier substance use disorder treatment facilities on the East Coast and Midwest, today shared practical tips to help people maintain and learn from their commitment to Dry January, the annual year-opening effort to refocus health goals and reestablish a safe and appropriate relationship to alcohol.

“Whether seeking to kickstart healthier living, continue a life of sobriety or recommit to that effort, January is, for millions of Americans, a vitally important time to make a fresh start and set a successful vision for the coming year,” said Steve Wicke, chief executive officer of RCA’s Devon, Pennsylvania, facility, one of 10 RCA inpatient centers. “Recovery Centers of America works tirelessly to help our patients overcome the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol, including by developing tools they can use to more successfully negotiate their worlds. We hope these tips prove useful for anyone who wants to lead a healthier life, and that 2023 is a year of health and happiness for all.”

Dry January is generally thought of as complete abstinence from indulging in alcohol. For those who are addicted, suddenly stopping the use of alcohol may cause withdrawal and can be fatal. Regular drinkers should consult their doctors before completely discontinuing alcohol use. If you detect withdrawal symptoms while participating in Dry January, reach out to an addiction treatment center and consult with a treatment specialist. For more information on withdrawal visit The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA.

RCA’s “Dry January” 2023 Tips

Set goals. Forget resolutions; What are your intentions this year? What steps do you need to take to get there? Focusing on your goals will make you less likely to be tempted by drugs or alcohol. If you are in recovery, you can also use your sobriety goals as a way to connect with other people who are in recovery. Sharing your goals and plans for the future can help you stay connected to your sobriety and maintain your motivation.

Connect with family and friends. Our connection to others is what keeps us grounded, rooted to our communities and focused on leading successful lives. Use January to solidify and reconnect those relationships, setting the tone for the coming year. If you are in recovery, call at least one person in your recovery support system each day. Commit to attend in-person or virtual meetings regularly. Keep this in mind: Meeting Makers Make It! If traveling, make sure you attend meetings and stay close to your support network. If you need help, pick up the phone and call a support companion.

Get back to basics. Are you feeling overwhelmed by your recovery intentions, or even the prospects of surviving January without a drink? Focus on basic self-care such as getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and making healthy food choices. Individual choices toward healthy behaviors such as these do add up. Each intention is meaningful, and builds a foundation for full-year success.

Focus on overall physical and mental health and wellness. Exercising daily, even just going for a 20-minute walk, is great for both your physical and mental health. Take time to get active, creating whatever workout regimen is most fun and sustainable for you. Also, take time to slow down, using meditation to clear your mind and keep you focused on your goals and things that are most important to you. In addition to regular physical activity and stress management, sleep hygiene is a critical to supporting physical and emotional well-being.

Seek out healthy activities. If you know attending a certain party, dinner or other gathering will put your sobriety at risk, it’s OK to say no. There are plenty of other activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Seek them out, and companionship from others who are also abstaining from alcohol in January. Often, avoiding alcohol means avoiding people who are intoxicated or who are trying to get you to join them.

Be proud of your progress. Stay positive, even if your journey through January has ups and downs. We all start the year hoping every day ahead is a picture of healthy living. Understand that’s not reality. This is the month to build good habits for the rest of 2023. Consider what you can do to live more healthfully each day, and even if today isn’t as successful as you’d like, don’t let it influence your tomorrow.

If you or your loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and need help, reach out to RCA at 1-800-RECOVERY.

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