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Recovery Centers of America Expands Capacity

Recovery Centers of America

Authored by Recovery Centers of America

WESTMINSTER — Recovery Centers of Ame­rica, an addiction treatment provider delivering individualized, evidence-based care, has announced that its Westminster facility has expanded the number of Clinical Support Services beds from 32 to 48.

RCA representatives said this 16-bed increase allows the facility to treat the increasing number of patients struggling with substance use disorder in the New England area.

“There is a tremendous demand, both in our community and across the country, for inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, and many of those grappling with addiction are being turned away because facilities are at capacity,” said RCA-Westminster CEO Mike Stuart. “RCA’s mission has always been to help as many patients as possible on their journey to recovery. Our 16 additional beds allow us to provide treatment to the people here in our community that desperately need our help.”

The 16 new beds, which are located on the first floor of a 12,000-square-foot addition, provide complete unit gender separation and enhance gender-specific programming and treatment protocols. The facility’s original 32-bed Clinical Support Services unit is now an all-male unit, and the remaining 16 beds continue to be reserved for Acute Treatment Services patients.

As a result of the expansion, RCA-Westminster has hired an additional 32 employees.

RCA-Westminster offers comprehensive, individualized treatment services for a wide range of substance abuse issues, including alcohol, opiates, heroin and methamphetamine.

Representatives said the campus offers a variety of evidence-based treatment protocols designed to effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction, as well as support long-term, meaningful recovery for patients and their families.

Additional patient services include mindfulness exercises; family, group and individual counseling; educational seminars and outpatient treatment programs.

RCA provides quality addiction treatment that is accessible and affordable — including medically monitored detoxification, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment — throughout Pennsylvania, Massa­chusetts, New Jersey and Maryland. The company is based in King of Prussia, Pa.

For more info, visit or call 800-RECOVERY.

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Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America



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