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Recovery Centers of America Backs Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Effort to Expand Evidence-Based Training

Recovery Centers of America

Authored by Recovery Centers of America

Quickly Growing Addiction Treatment Center Remains a Stalwart of Scientific-Based Protocols

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Recovery Centers of America (RCA), an addiction treatment provider focused on saving one million lives through evidence-based treatment, by providing scientifically-proven effective care, has released a statement in support of Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ (DDAP) decision to expand evidence-based training programs for substance use disorder treatment providers in the commonwealth.

Through the 21st Century Cures Act, Pennsylvania’s latest initiative will make training available to smaller community treatment providers across the commonwealth who can benefit from learning new, proven-effective, best practices for treating those who struggle with substance use disorders.

“We applaud DDAP for making more training available to counselors,” says Dr. Deni Carise, Chief Scientific Officer of Recovery Centers of America. “As a leading treatment provider dedicated to providing evidence-based practices and protocols, we believe using the funding through the Cures Act to provide quality trainings on two evidence-based practices; Community Reinforcement and Training (CRAFT) and Motivational Interviewing, are great choices that will have a positive impact in the participating behavioral health settings.”

Recovery Centers of America believes strongly in the use of evidence-based practices as the core of their treatment services.  Every clinical program at the company provides a core set of services that have been shown to produce positive outcomes in multiple scientific studies.   RCA uses four different evidence-based curricula as well as providing training on several additional evidence-based approaches to treatment.  RCA has a team of 10 specialized clinical trainers that train all their primary therapists, family therapists and other counselors in these evidence-based programs and practices across its network of inpatient and outpatient centers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

“In a quickly growing and evolving industry, faced with saving lives daily, treatment providers have an obligation to deliver services that are built on a scientifically proven, effective framework, and to provide those services in a valid and reliable way,” added Carise.

About Recovery Centers of America 
Recovery Centers of America is on a mission to save one million lives – one neighborhood at a time – by helping individuals suffering from substance use disorders enter treatment and long-term, meaningful recovery. RCA’s vision is to make treatment for addiction and other mental health disorders as affordable and accessible as any other disease. With high quality education and clinical treatment through various inpatient and outpatient facilities in New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, every RCA patient is given the highest standard of care and is treated with dignity and respect close to where they live and work.

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Recovery Centers of America

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