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‘Recovery at the Club’: Unique event on Staten Island shows living sober life doesn’t need to be boring.

For people in recovery from addiction, sober life doesn’t have be boring.

That was the idea Megan Reeves, a treatment advisor at the Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay, had when she came up with an event where people of similar backgrounds could come together, be themselves and most importantly have fun.

The organization held the first “Recovery at the Club” last month at Overspray located at 12 Broad St. on Staten Island. The Stapleton building, well-known for its graffiti-filled exterior, was the backdrop for the event as patrons enjoyed music, a DJ performance and mock-tails.

The Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay, is a drug and alcohol inpatient and outpatient treatment facility about 20 minutes from Staten Island in South Amboy, N.J.

Reeves hopes this is the first of many events on the borough.

“We want to make a safe space where people can come have fun and not feel any type of stigma,” she said. “We’re also trying to get the word out to the community that there is help available.”

The treatment advisor added that individuals with past substance-abuse issues have a tendency of avoiding certain situations.

“We want them to know there is a life after drug addiction, you can still have fun, “she said. “And bridge that gap, people can come, build those bonds and make new friends.”

Carolyn, from Howard Beach in Queens, welcomed the idea of more in-person events.

“It’s really cool, I think the place is unique, I like the artwork,” she said. “This is different because it is more laid back. Seeing people in person is obviously different than seeing each other through Zoom.”

Carolyn, who was 60 days sober at the time of the event, said it’s good to meet new people and get to know them as a person, not necessarily as a recovering addict.

“I’d be interested in going to other events if they offered it,” she said. “Especially the family events. I have a 14-year-old daughter — my husband came out with me tonight — but it would be nice to bring them too.”

Other attendees mentioned the Staten Island location as a plus, given some were coming from Brooklyn and Queens. It was less of a drive compared to going to New Jersey where previous events had been held.

“I love it, I’ve been asking for some type of event like this where you dance and just have a good time,” Dawnmarie Cassari of Brooklyn said.

She credited the work the recovery center has done for her.

“I’m on Zoom with them every day, I’m five months and 10 days sober today. I know a lot of people that came here from those meetings,” she said.

Reeves hopes their work, along with events like “Recovery at the Club,” can help usher in more conversation about substance abuse.

“The substance-abuse community on Staten Island is big, people are dying at such a high rate,” she said. “We want to build trust in the community and allow there to be open healing.”

“Substance abuse is an illness, it’s not something anyone needs to be afraid to talk about,” Reeves added.

“‘Recovery at the Club’: Unique event on Staten Island shows living sober life doesn’t need to be boring.”,,



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