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Police aren’t social workers. Some local departments want them at the scene.

Janelle Marshallick

Authored by Janelle Marshallick

The small child had witnessed a murder and stood by helplessly while the police secured the scene and searched for evidence. Caseworkers from Children, Youth and Family Services were delayed, so a social work intern with the police department bought the child breakfast at McDonald’s, then set her up with video games at the police station until caseworkers could get there.

“That was really a traumatic situation, and I was pleased that the student could handle it,” said Emma Lucas-Darby, the University of Pittsburgh social work adjunct professor who placed the intern with the Wilkinsburg Police Department. “She was on her feet because the child really didn’t understand what was going on.”

In Hampton Township, Angela Kenbok, social services coordinator with the police department, has helped a resident get the proper medications for her mental health issues and has donned gloves to help with hoarding issues, among the many cases she has taken on since joining the department.

Read the full story here: https://www.publicsource.org/police-arent-social-workers-some-local-departments-want-them-at-the-scene/

Authored by

Janelle Marshallick

Janelle Marshallick

Janelle manages the various RCA social media accounts but also enjoys writing articles, blogs and researching topics on addiction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and is very passionate about the addiction recovery field because many of her heroes and role models are in recovery.


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