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Vice President of Family and Clinical Programming at RCA Discusses the Importance of Family for Recovery

James Malervy

Authored by James Malervy

On Saturday, March 6, 2021, John Demasi, host of South Jersey radio show Talk With A Purpose, hosted RCA’s Clinical Services, as part of his ongoing series Fighting the Opioid Epidemic.

In an expansive conversation covering various aspects of substance use disorder and its treatment, RCA’s Clinical Services placed particular emphasis on the too often overlooked role of the family.

As they explained: “family is one of the most critical elements in sustainable long-term recovery,” stressing that they are “the unsung, quiet sufferers of the disease—often marginalized.”

Given the importance of family, Demasi asked RCA’s clinical expert about those who lack family ties. They responded that family can encompass “whoever has your back” in recovery, adding that it is part of the responsibility of RCA to connect patients to a broader recovery community and stay connected through such services as the RCA Alumni Association.

And for those who are separated by distance or the pandemic, RCA’s clinical expert adds, RCA has provided a virtual format to help families stay informed and connected.

Click here for more on RCA’s opportunities for drug and alcohol addiction help for family members, including family support groups, therapy, webinars & events for addiction, and listen to the rest of the conversation here.

Authored by

James Malervy

James Malervy

Jim Malervy is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Recovery Centers of America (RCA) and is passionate about helping RCA in achieving its mission of saving over 1 Million Lives.


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