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Community Members Gather to Discuss Growing Addiction Epidemic

Dillon McClernon

Authored by Dillon McClernon


More than 150 community members gathered at Recovery Centers of America (RCA) Lighthouse in Mays Landing Tuesday night, June 26th, to fight the growing addiction epidemic in the nation and region.

RCA staff, supporting community groups, friends and families of those currently in or working on recovery, and concerned citizens discussed the different approaches to treating addiction and how community members can access resources in the future.

Groups in attendance included Stop the Heroin, Rutgers University Recovery Housing, the Malvern Institute, Ambrosia Treatment Center, as well as other non-profit organizations, community leaders, public figures, including Atlantic County Freeholders Ashley Bennett and Jamer Bertino.

Toward the conclusion of the event, the floor was opened to anyone in attendance who wishes to stand and announce their name and the part they play in the battle against addiction.

The turnout for the event emphasized South Jersey residents’ desire to take on this massive problem plaguing our communities. To solve it, we need a massive-scale solution which requires all of us.

The United Against Addiction event is a call to action — for all of us, to do our part, in fighting back against the addiction that has taken the lives of so many in this country.

These events include the best and most dedicated community organizations throughout the state offering free resources and information, a diverse group of thought leaders speaking on topics ranging from clinical treatment protocols to healing the entire family, networking opportunities, as well as free clinical assessments & family healing workshops.

Speakers included:

– Mimi Dorschu, RCA Director of Spiritual Services discussing Spirituality in Recovery
– Nicole Rettino-Lambert, Director of Case Management discussing The Lighthouse Trauma Track
– Dawn Belamarich, Lighthouse Director of Clinical Services discussing The Lighthouse Continuum of Care
– Mike Britcher, Corporate Director of outpatient Services discussing Lighthouse outpatient Services
– Chris Brennan, Senior Recovery Instructor discussing 12-Step Education
– Joe Curran, Executive Director, Ambrosia Treatment Centers discussing A Community Approach to Recovery

Authored by

Dillon McClernon

Dillon McClernon

Dillon currently serves as the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at RCA. After his tenure as Chief Communications Officer and senior advisor to RCA, he opted for a full-time position at RCA where he could build a new team linking sales and marketing to directly impact RCA’s mission of saving 1 million lives.


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