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Choosing A Rehab Facility For A Loved One: 2 Critical Factors

Dillon McClernon

Authored by Dillon McClernon

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Do you have a loved one who is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse? Are you concerned that they need outside help to make a recovery? If this is the case, then you probably have a lot of questions about how to find and how to choose a rehab facility that will best meet the needs of your loved one. Making the decision to get help for your loved one isn’t easy. However, with the right treatment and support, your loved one can get his or her life back. Let’s look at some things you should consider when choosing a rehab facility for a loved one.

How to Choose a Treatment Facility: Two Critical Factors

One of the most important things to understand when choosing a rehab facility for a loved one is that addiction is a disease and must be treated as such in order to achieve a successful recovery. Addiction is not simply a moral failing or a lack of willpower. It is a disease which changes the way the brain functions, making it nearly impossible for an individual to cease drug use without help. Addiction can also feed (and be fed by) a behavioral problem or a mental illness. These co-occurring disorders need to be addressed in order to give individuals the appropriate tools to correct those behaviors. They need to learn to cope with life’s problems without drug use.

In terms of knowing how to choose a rehab facility — be sure the program treats addiction as a disease. Additionally, make sure it addresses the many ways that addiction impacts an individual’s life.

Comprehensive Treatment:

Because addiction is a disease which impacts brain function, the subsequent treatment needs to respond to the numerous ways that an individual’s life is affected. Simply treating the symptoms of addiction is not enough. An effective program will take all aspects of a patient’s life into consideration. It will provide support and treatment for all of the patient’s needs. This will look different for each patient, but it is essential for the recovery process. An effective drug and alcohol rehab facility will provide a variety of services. These include services for the mental, emotional, physical, behavioral, and relational needs of the patient. Look for a program that offers of diverse set of services, able to meet all of your loved one’s needs. Look for a program that cares about the health of the whole individual.

Ongoing Treatment:

Like most diseases, addiction requires ongoing maintenance, support, and treatment to keep individuals healthy. It is unrealistic to expect a few weeks or even months of treatment to be sufficient. Relapse is often a part of the recovery process. They should not consider it a failure of treatment, but rather a sign that recovery is an ongoing process.

An effective drug and alcohol rehab facility will take this into consideration. They will provide a full continuum of care. They will be able to address the needs of your loved one at any stage in the recovery process. Look especially for ongoing outpatient services and alumni programs that will continue to support your loved one even after they obtain abstinence.

As you think about choosing a rehab facility for a loved one, you are likely to have more questions and concerns. Call 1-800-RECOVERY to learn more about what your loved one needs in a rehab facility and how RCA can help meet those needs. Don’t let addiction continue to rob your loved one of a healthy life—call now.

Authored by

Dillon McClernon

Dillon McClernon

Dillon currently serves as the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at RCA. After his tenure as Chief Communications Officer and senior advisor to RCA, he opted for a full-time position at RCA where he could build a new team linking sales and marketing to directly impact RCA’s mission of saving 1 million lives.


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