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Addiction recovery with Recovery Centers of America

Ken Redmile

Authored by Ken Redmile

As we discuss often on the show, the addiction crisis in New Jersey has hit new levels. We already see an overdose fatality rate much higher than the national average.

Since the disastrous lockdown policies which resulted in isolation, business closures, and a continuing crisis of addiction, New Jersey has been slower to recover than other states.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been addressing the hypocrisy of keeping liquor stores open but forcing addiction recovery clinics to curb activities. Many, many people were isolated away from the help they needed from treatment and group meetings.

One organization is standing strong in New Jersey stepping up its effort to help those in crisis.

I caught up with Recovery Centers of America’s Regional Manager Stephanie Davis for a detailed conversation about addiction and the services available for those suffering and their families.

See the full interview on Addiction recovery with Recovery Centers of America.

Authored by

Ken Redmile

Ken Redmile



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