If you would like to get in contact with Lindsay regarding alumni volunteer opportunities, events, or meetings for RCA at Westminster, please email lhassett@recoverycoa.com

Lindsay Hassett serves as RCA as the Regional Alumni Coordinator for RCA at Westminster in Westminster, Massachusetts. Prior to Lindsay’s arrival to the Alumni Team, she received a bachelor’s degree in Business at Nichols College in Dudley, MA. Before joining the team at RCA, Lindsay diligently worked in operations and collegiate alumni relations as well as at an inpatient residential treatment center for women. Her background and experience in both alumni relations and substance use disorder makes Lindsay an exceptional, welcomed addition to the Alumni Team here at RCA where she works passionately to help connect our patients to their peers and grow a strong community of volunteers at Westminster.

Why do you choose to work as an Alumni Coordinator for RCA?

It has been a long-time goal of mine to combine my experience operations the substance use treatment field. Not only do I now have a career that I am truly passionate about, but I have the pleasure to work for a company that takes pride in helping their patients achieve a full, happy, healthy life in recovery.

What do you hope to accomplish as an Alumni Coordinator?

I hope to connect and foster relationships with patients during their time at RCA so when they leave treatment, they still want to come back and get in service by assisting their peers in their recovery. Recovery is not just about going to meetings, it is about changing your life entirely, and this includes the way in which we have fun. Fun for us in recovery no longer includes drugs and alcohol, so it is important to me that I bring fun and a new way of life to our alumni through events, outings, and exciting experiences.

In your opinion, why do you believe an alumni program is so important for those who want to achieve long term recovery? 

An alumni program is crucial for two reasons: the first being tha RCA can serve as a safe place for anyone in recovery to form a network and forming new healthy habits. Secondly, having an alumni program can show the patients who are currently in our care here at RCA that recovery is possible.

What is your favorite quote, and why? 

My favorite quote is ‘even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise,’ – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

There were days where I felt trapped in the dark, but when I got to the other side of that darkness, it helped me realize that even on the most difficult days, I can overcome anything.

What are the major driving forces in your life? 

The major driving forces in my life are my family, my pets, and the responsibility I have for keeping the memory alive of someone close to me whom I have lost to addiction.

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