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Your first 24 hours in rehab

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Your first 24 hours at Recovery Centers of America: how your recovery begins

The first 24 hours of your treatment for heroin, opioid, and alcohol addiction are crucial to a successful recovery. During the rehab admission process, you might experience anger, anxiety, embarrassment, and regret. You may even feel uneasy since the treatment facility is a new and unfamiliar environment. These feelings are normal, and our staff is trained to help you manage your emotional transition throughout the entire process.

To make your transition into inpatient treatment as simple as possible, we initiate the beginning stages of the alcohol and drug rehab admissions process as soon as you contact us. After you speak with one of our treatment advocates or nursing team members over the phone and agree to be admitted into one of our facilities, we can have transportation available in your driveway within two hours to transport you to a Recovery Centers of America location that works best for you based on where you live and which facility will provide the most coverage under your insurance plan.

When can you expect to hear from your loved one? To engage in treatment successfully, RCA adheres to a five-day stabilization period for all patients. This stabilization period means that patients will not be able to have any interaction with outside contacts, including family, for a minimum of five days. Scheduled family therapy sessions may happen during the blackout period if there is a valid reason. After that, phone calls and visits can be coordinated between you and your loved one’s primary therapist.

A treatment team dedicated to your needs

When you arrive, you’ll meet your expert clinical treatment team. Each licensed, certified addiction professional will tell you how he or she plans to contribute to your treatment – and long-term recovery. Depending on your needs and treatment curriculum, your team could include:

  • Medical Personnel – Doctors, Nurses, detox Team
  • Clinicians – Psychiatrists, Therapists, MSW, CAC
  • Wellness Professionals – Nutritionists, Trainers, Spiritual Counselors

We’ll also give you a tour of our beautiful facility so you can familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, feel comfortable, and be ready to start on your road to recovery. Learn more about what rehab is like at Recovery Centers of America inpatient facilities.



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