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Evolutions at Recovery Centers of America

Evolutions, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment for older adults age 50+

Your struggle with addiction may be relatively recent or many years in the making, but either way it is never too late to achieve sobriety and recovery. While your history and life experiences are unique, rest assured in knowing that there are many others at your stage in life who have also struggled with addiction and achieved recovery at Recovery Centers of America. We created a program, Evolutions, to provide the treatment and care that will help you find your best life regardless of your age.

The Evolutions program at Recovery Centers of America is designed with adults 50+ in mind. Whether you are at a transition point in life involving retirement, your children leaving the home, or your health deteriorating, you are not alone. In Evolutions, you will be with peers 50 years of age and older who are understanding, supportive and focused on making a positive change.

Evolutions Locations

Maryland: Capital Region

Massachusetts: Danvers | Westminster

New Jersey: Mays Landing | Raritan Bay

Pennsylvania: Devon | Monroeville

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A flourishing life is within reach

While in Evolutions, an elective 3-4 week program, you will be with peers who are also committed to overcoming relapse and achieving long-lasting recovery. Expert addiction professionals will apply a therapeutic, evidence-based approach designed for your needs. Hope for a secure life will be built through:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Get reconnected with the values and aspirations at your core, learn to let negative emotions and behavior “pass through” and take a stand for yourself by staking your own claim on recovery.
  • Narrative Therapy Your RCA team will work with you to identify and inventory potential pitfalls to your recovery and help you address them. By identifying specific issues – and not you– as the problem, you can apply solutions more easily. A basic tenet of Narrative Therapy is “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”
  • Positive Psychology We will help you develop a more positive perspective towards life and other people, this will help you find more joy, freedom and meaning. Through community activities and therapy, you will learn to garner the power of positive emotions, positive relationships, accomplishments and gratitude – which, in turn, will change how you feel for the better and energize you to move forward in a positive direction in life.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) You will learn to find and change mistaken ways of thinking that support behaviors with negative consequences and reinforce negative emotions and beliefs, thereby improving your emotional fitness and overall well-being
  • Opportunities to help others through community involvement
  • Connections and sober events/meetups with alumni from the RCA Alumni Association
  • Family involvement
  • A seamless transition to outpatient programs for continued recovery support, available both in-person or virtual

It’s never too late for freedom from addiction and a good life

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Our expert addiction physicians, nurses, therapists and recovery support specialists will provide evidence-based treatment leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychiatric support, the 12-step principles, and more. In addition, while in treatment you will learn about:

  • Physiological changes which happen to both the brain and body as you age and the impact that has on drug and alcohol use
  • Medicine management
  • How certain medications interact with alcohol
  • Pain management; transitioning to a non-opioid and wholistic options that are actually effective
  • Techniques for increasing restful sleep and ongoing sleep hygiene
  • Weight management
  • Management of metabolic disorders, such as diabetes

Feel confident your needs will be met

Evolutions is designed with your care and comfort in mind. From semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms to comfortable beds, to brightly lit common areas with entertainment, to nearby nursing stations, your comfort and care are paramount to us.  Here are answers to commonly asked questions from patients considering the Evolutions program.

Who will I be sharing a room with?

Recovery Centers of America believes in the importance of connection and comfort. You will be sharing a room with another Evolutions patient, who will be 50 years old or older. Feedback from our patients has been that having someone in the same stage of life as your roommate not only provides additional comfort, it also leads to better mutual understanding and support.

Will I be comfortable at Recovery Centers of America?

We’ve made every effort to ensure comfortable amenities at every single one of our locations. Task lighting, meal selection, program materials with print sizes for easy viewing and bedrooms with easy access to nursing stations, are all examples of the ways in which our sites have been designed with your needs in mind. Each semi-private bedroom has its own bathroom and two televisions. We ensure comfort will never be a barrier to recovery and make every effort to accommodate special requests.

Will I be in counseling with people who are going to understand what I’m dealing with at this stage in life?

Yes, the patients in your counseling group sessions will also be a part of the Evolutions program. Immersing yourself in a program with people who understand the challenges and changes at this point in life will help you in your journey. You’ll be able to rely on, build off, connect with, and support other patients at a similar life stage.

How will my family be involved in my treatment?

Having a solid support system is critical to achieving and maintaining recovery. It is important for your family to also heal from the pain of addiction and address any unresolved challenges and conflicts . We encourage your family to participate in counseling with you, visitation opportunities and to attend our weekly education sessions, just for families, led by our expert team.

Are your staff experienced with people my age?

We’ve adopted recommendations from the U.S. Department of Aging to ensure our staff, curriculum, and program are on target with your needs. While we do have adults over 50 working for us, we train every single member of our staff to be knowledgeable about all age groups.

Will you support me after my inpatient treatment is complete?

Recovery Centers of America is with you every step of the way, starting with inpatient and continuing into outpatient care and alumni association support. Our outpatient program offers many different levels, including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive outpatient, and General outpatient, is held during the day and evening and can be attended in-person or via telehealth. The RCA Alumni Association allows you to reconnect with those you met during your treatment, form new friendships, and attend sober events with other RCA alumni.

Want to learn more about Evolutions?

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At Recovery Centers of America, thousands of patients have achieved recovery through Evolutions.

We believe in you and want to help you in your recovery.


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