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RCA Experts Weigh in on Opioid Epidemic Worsening During Holidays & the Pandemic

Below you’ll hear from two RCA addiction treatment experts, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Deni Carise and Director of Family Services Trish Caldwell, on the John DeMasi show “Talk with a purpose: Fighting the opioid addiction” series. 

In the first recording, Trish Caldwell discusses the importance of family involved in addiction treatment. “Families know the language of addiction. It’s our job to help them learn the language of recovery,” says Caldwell, as she discusses what families should expect when a loved one has entered RCA addiction treatment.

In the second recording, Dr. Deni Carise dives into the opioid epidemic, how to help someone you know suffering from the disease of addiction, and why you should never give up on the hope of recovery. “You can have the life of your dreams,” says Dr. Carise.

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