Office-Based Opioid Treatment in Camden County

Camden County OBOT

When you’re finally ready to accept help for your addiction, you may be faced with another hurdle: You have a job. You have previous commitments. But you’re ready to beat your addiction; you want a Suboxone doctor. What are your choices for treatment?

Suboxone Program

Your best option may be Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT). OBOT gives individuals suffering from opioid addiction the chance to get treatment without residential inpatient or outpatient services. It’s flexible, convenient, and an effective long-term solution for recovery. Here’s how RCA’s Suboxone clinic works:

  • Call 855-964-2104 and schedule an appointment in our Somerdale, NJ OBOT office.
  • Your first appointment will be with a nurse practitioner (NP), who will conduct a biopsychosocial assessment. This will take about an hour.
  • The assessment will consist of several questions, but the three big areas that will determine what your dosage will be are: what your drug of choice is, how long you’ve been using it, and how much.
  • If the NP determines you’re a good candidate for OBOT, you will likely have an e-prescription or a prescription called in that same day.
  • You’ll receive your prescription for Suboxone and begin taking your predetermined dose from the convenience of your home.
  • While it is not mandatory, it is recommended you also seek mental health counseling while participating in OBOT. RCA will help you find a local facility that offers just counseling. We may suggest our Voorhees location, which is right down the street.

Once you begin the OBOT program, you’ll come into the office once a week to take a urine screen and see the NP for a check-in. After a few weeks, you may be ready to decrease your clinic visits. This depends on each individual person and how they are doing with their medication, but most patients can decrease their visits to once a month.

Recovery Centers of America also provides medically-assisted treatment (MAT) options in Lansdowne, PA, Somerdale, NJ, and Trenton, NJ. While MAT services differ from OBOT, our clinical team will help you figure out which option is the best choice for you. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the life-saving capabilities of MAT, visit our informational MAT page.

Who’s eligible for OBOT?

In order to be a candidate for OBOT, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be using opioids or transferring in from another Suboxone doctor
  • Not be pregnant (pregnant patients are eligible for Methadone, but not Suboxone treatment)

Can’t get to treatment? We provide transportation!

We’ll do whatever it takes to help you get the treatment you need – including providing transportation to and from our facility. Transportation through a Medicaid participating service is available for those who qualify. Call 1-800-RECOVERY and, during a quick pre-screen, our Treatment Advisor will ask you if you need transportation.

Here’s what you’ll get with RCA’s transportation services:

  • Reliable and discreet transportation to and from RCA’s treatment facility
  • CPR and Narcan certified drivers


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The Team Behind Camden County Suboxone

To combat the ongoing opioid epidemic affecting Camden county, Recovery Centers Of America brought together some of New Jersey’s top professionals in the fields of opiate addiction. The team combines many decades of experience with compassion and understanding.

Suboxone Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient is different – while residential inpatient may be right for some, it may not be the right choice for others. OBOT may be an entirely new treatment option. Here are answers to the questions you may be asking yourself.

For most, the biggest benefit is the flexibility. Once you receive the prescription for Suboxone, your office visits are limited to once a week, and depending on stability, can even be limited to once a month. That means minimal interruption to your day-to-day life. Because of its flexibility, some patients find treatment easier to stick with and, in turn, achieve and maintain recovery longer.

Additional Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Location

Recovery Centers of America operates a second Medication Assisted Treatment facility in Somerdale, New Jersey (about 10 miles south of Camden) called Bravo Medical. It offers a set of services very similar to Trenton Healthcare Clinic but may be easier to reach for some New Jersey residents in need. Learn more about RCA’s other New Jersey Suboxone and Methadone clinic location by clicking below.

New Jersey MAT Clinic Locations
 Trenton Healthcare Clinic
 Bravo Medical

Pennsylvania MAT Clinic Locations
 Delaware County Healthcare Clinic

Click here to see all Recovery Centers of America locations (including MAT, inpatient and outpatient) on a map.

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