Fast Track: Hospital Relief Program

Rapid Triage and Transport Services for Overdose and SUD Patients

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers and Recovery Centers of America at Westminster are Joint Commission accredited and CARF ASAM Level of Care certified addiction treatment centers. They provide evidence-based inpatient addiction treatment services at two locations just outside of Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts.

Our team supports local Emergency Departments by facilitating a warm hand-off for patients who present with an overdose or substance use disorder (SUD)-related issue to a safe environment where they can receive world-class addiction treatment.

Referring a patient to Recovery Centers of America is simple

  1. Call 1-800-RECOVERY and let our Treatment Advisors know that you are calling from an ED. They will conduct a brief patient assessment over the phone.
  2. In most cases, if a patient has been with you for less than 12 hours, no medical records will be required.
  3. When necessary, transportation is included in the cost of Recovery Centers of America’s treatment. Please call us to arrange this service.

We understand how busy your frontline staff is, especially with the additional need to care for COVID-19 patients. We thank you for all you do for our local communities. We want to do our part as well, and that is why we are here for you and your patients 24/7/365. We also offer intervention services at no extra cost.

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