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Methadone and Suboxone Clinic in Camden County, NJ

According to official state information, at least 3,118 people died of drug overdoses in New Jersey in 2018. That’s more than the number of people killed by the flu, homicides, car accidents, and suicides in 2016, combined. Unfortunately, Camden County was the second leading county in overdose stats. The county’s most populated city, Camden, was dubbed “Apocalypse, N.J.” by the Rolling Stone, and is thought to be central to the county’s opiate epidemic.

That is precisely why Recovery Centers Of America opened Bravo Medical, a facility dedicated to treating opiate addiction using medications, just 10 miles away from Camden in Somerdale, New Jersey. Bravo treats every aspect of the disease of addiction through medication-assisted treatment (MAT), doctor-supervised suboxone treatment, monitored maintenance, gradual detoxification, physical examinations, STD screenings, psychological assessments, substance abuse counseling, Sublocade injections, and a job readiness program. We also treat pregnant patients at our Bravo facility.

Methadone Clinic

Bravo Medical is a comprehensive Methadone clinic serving Camden County, NJ. Methadone is one of the oldest and most effective medications to treat Substance Use Disorder (SUD) — it has been in use since the 1960s and proven its effectiveness as a treatment option for opiate addiction. Methadone can be used to treat all levels of opiate dependence but is particularly effective for moderate to heavy addiction. Methadone, in combination with counseling, is associated with better treatment outcomes. When used to treat opioid addiction, Methadone is only available at licensed Methadone clinics such as Bravo Medical’s location in Camden County, New Jersey. When taken daily, it can greatly reduce cravings, decrease or eliminate withdrawal symptoms, promote abstinence, and help patients remain productive in day to day activities.

Suboxone Doctor

Bravo Medical’s other MAT option is the administration of doctor-prescribed Suboxone, a partial agonist opioid that’s formulated specifically for the treatment of opiate dependence. Like Methadone, it binds to the brain’s opioid receptors, however, it does not fully stimulate the receptors. Although both medications are proven to be effective for treating opioid dependence, we believe that giving patients a choice, along with the expert guidance of an experienced doctor, can lead to much better recovery outcomes.

Bravo also offers Sublocade and Vivitrol.

Substance Abuse Counseling for Camden County, NJ

Our qualified substance use counselors work with patients to address psychological issues that can contribute to an addiction. Thanks to the various types of counseling provided, such as individual counseling, group counseling, and intensive outpatient counseling, our patients learn skills critical for long-term, sustainable recovery. This allows patients to gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors, and develop tools to help prevent relapse.

Treatment for Pregnant Patients

As a pregnant person with an addiction, you may be unsure of where to turn for help. Bravo Medical has the staff and experience to treat pregnant patients. When medically appropriate, Bravo will utilize Subutex to help pregnant patients comfortably begin the recovery process.

Can’t get to treatment? We provide transportation!

We’ll do whatever it takes to help you get the treatment you need – including providing transportation to and from our facility. Transportation through a Medicaid participating service is available for those who qualify.  Call 1-800-RECOVERY and, during a quick pre-screen, our Treatment Advisor will ask you if you need transportation.

Here’s what you’ll get with RCA’s transportation services:

  • Reliable and discreet transportation to and from RCA’s treatment facility
  • CPR and Narcan certified drivers


Bravo Medical
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On a Mission to Save Lives in Camden County, NJ

Recovery Centers of America’s mission is to fight back against the battle of addiction and save as many lives as we can. Too many daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, siblings, and other family members or friends have succumbed to the disease of opiate addiction. That is why we also provide office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) at our Camden County Suboxone Clinic, just a few doors down from our Bravo location. This adds yet another level of care for our patients who may benefit from a more flexible, independent treatment program.

The Team Behind Bravo Medical

To combat the ongoing opioid epidemic affecting Camden County, New Jersey, Recovery Centers Of America brought together some of New Jersey’s top professionals in the fields of opiate addiction and Medication-Assisted Treatment. The team combines many decades of experience with compassion and understanding.

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Same Day Admissions and Medication. Walk-Ins are Welcome.

Additional New Jersey Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Locations

Recovery Centers of America operates another Medication Assisted Treatment facility in Trenton, New Jersey called Trenton Healthcare Clinic. This location offers a set of services very similar to Bravo Medical but may be better located and easier to reach for some New Jersey residents in need. Learn more about RCA’s other New Jersey suboxone and methadone clinic location by clicking below.

Office-Based Opioid Treatment in Camden County, NJ

Recovery Centers of America has opened its first office-based opioid-treatment (OBOT) in Camden County, NJ. Located only a few doors down from our Bravo location, patients will have the flexibility and convenience of a simple office visit to receive their medication. Learn more about the many benefits of OBOT below.

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