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What You Need to Know About Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Authored by Recovery Centers of America

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Your Loved One

There are countless emotions involved when you begin to search for heroin addiction treatment for a loved one.  The experience has most likely taken a toll on your entire family and you recognize that you have to do something. It’s completely understandable, and I commend you for taking action.

The truth about heroin addiction is that it gradually destroys the lives of our patient and their family over time.  It is unrelenting and pervasive, and it thrives in spaces of denial and inaction. However, heroin addiction is a brain disease. And it can be treated if our patient receives comprehensive treatment at our drug and alcohol treatment centers.

How Did It Get This Far… ?

Before delving into the options for addiction treatment, it’s helpful to take some steps to understand your loved one’s condition.  There are some important facts you should know:

  • Addiction Can Happen to Anyone Heroin addiction does not discriminate; it affects people across race, gender and income level.
  • People At Risk Can Be Closer Than You Think Those who develop an addiction to heroin often have a close relative addicted to the drug, know people who use the drug, meet people who introduce them to the drug, suffer from a mental health disorder (e.g. depression or anxiety) or escalate from a dependency on prescription painkillers.
  • Your Loved One is Not Alone In 2014, US Attorney Eric Holder declared the heroin addiction a “public health crisis.” Current estimates of heroin abuse vary between 200,000 and 1 million users in the US alone.
  • Addictions Take Away More Than You Think On top of robbing our patient’s time, money, and rationality, heroin addiction takes away the person’s ability to manage responsibility and relationships.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed by your family member’s addiction.  Addiction is a disease that is all-encompassing and manifests in unpredictable and dangerous ways. Therefore, it can be draining and can leave you feeling helpless.  Fortunately, you are not alone in this.

The information below can help you find heroin addiction treatment and a drug and alcohol treatment center that can help your loved return to an exciting and fulfilling life.  The most important facts you need to know are:

  • There Is No Easy Fix: Effective treatment for heroin addiction is not that simple.  Although it is a chronic disease, its treatment involves more than just a pill or procedure. Thus, effective treatment is a comprehensive process that caters to both the addiction and its associated effects.
  • A Comprehensive Approach: To improve the chances of lasting recovery, heroin addiction treatment should involve any or all of the following services:
    • detoxification services
    • Residential and outpatient care services
    • Family therapies
    • Spiritual counseling
    • Individual and group therapy
    • Fitness and sober lifestyle services
    • Recovery support groups
  • Toward Recovery: Due to the complicated nature of addiction, do not expect a clear path to recovery for your loved one. It is not a linear process and they may stumble at times, but recovery is possible if your loved one seeks comprehensive treatment in a facility dedicated to evidence-based heroin addiction treatment.

Quality care is needed to halt this epidemic.  Lighthouse is deeply committed to advocating for the rights of patients with heroin addiction, helping to educate our society, and reducing the stigma surrounding addiction.  RCA hopes to make the process of facing addiction and seeking effective treatment easier for people throughout the nation who are suffering in shame and silence.  RCA believes sustained recovery is possible and we want to help individuals achieve it.

For more information about comprehensive heroin addiction treatment and our drug and alcohol treatment centers, contact RCA today.

Authored by

Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America



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