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Recovery Centers of America Certified as Elite Addiction Treatment Provider

Recovery Centers of America

Authored by Recovery Centers of America

Company Meets Google’s Rigorous Quality Control Standards Ensuring Only Reputable Addiction Treatment Providers Can Advertise on its AdWords Platform

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —Recovery Centers of America (RCA), is proud to be among the first certified addiction treatment providers in the country approved to advertise on Google’s AdWords platform as part of Google’s pioneering efforts to control quality in the behavioral health industry. The new certification was awarded to RCA following successful completion of a rigorous application process focused on identifying effective addiction treatment programs and ethical marketing practices.

The certification by Google, that followed an extensive evaluation, solidifies RCA as an accredited, reputable leader in the addiction treatment industry, providing quality care to patients and families in need.

The new certification program, led by LegitScript, a company that provides securities services for healthcare businesses, reflects Google’s commitment to creating exceptional standards for addiction treatment marketing. Specifically, the program requires applicants to undergo a comprehensive, 15-point evaluation of clinical competency and commitment to addiction care best-practices. Applicants were required to submit evidence supporting evaluation criteria, such as transparent business practices, FDA approved Medication Assisted Treatment and qualifications of all clinical/addiction treatment professionals. Per the certification program’s guidelines, RCA will seek renewal annually.

“Google’s efforts to support addiction treatment best practices are perfectly aligned with RCA’s commitment to providing the highest standards of evidence-based care,” says Brian O’Neill, founder and CEO of Recovery Centers of America. “When seeking substance-use disorder treatment, patients and families need to know who they can trust. Google’s program ensures that only the most reputable, evidence-based, community-focused treatment options will be top-of-mind for those seeking help. It clears the way for more patients to find the quality treatment they need.”

About Recovery Centers of America 

Recovery Centers of America provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. The company is in-network with most major insurance providers, which improves access to affordable care and reduces out of pocket expenses for individuals and families seeking addiction treatment.

RCA’s centers for addiction medicine are located in patients’ neighborhoods providing easy access for families to participate in the treatment process and to access care 24/7. Being in patients’ neighborhoods allows the company to provide patients with continuity across all levels of care, from detox and residential to outpatient and recovery support meetings – right in the neighborhoods where families live and work.

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Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America



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