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RCA Opens 140-bed Center in Maryland

Recovery Centers of America

Authored by Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America (RCA) has opened a 140-bed inpatient, outpatient and detox facility in Waldorf, Maryland, which is expected to have a capacity of about 2,500 patients per year, generating approximately $40 million in annual revenue. Near the greater Washington, D.C., market, the center has in-network status with insurance providers.

“Since our inception, over 90% of our patients have used in-network benefits to pay for care,” says Deni Carise, PhD, chief scientific officer. “This means that we don’t bill separately for drug screening, doctor visits and all other manner of ancillary care services.”

Carise says the reimbursement rate is significantly lower than typical out-of-network payment, but the insurance contracting means better access to treatment for the community. About 75% of RCA’s patients have deductibles and copay costs of less than $1,500, she says.

The center is fairly large with three levels of outpatient treatment and 140 beds. It includes specialty areas and clinicians, allowing patients to choose their preferred support community while in treatment. Patients remain connected to family and chosen support networks to improve transitions along the continuum of care and recovery.

“For example, if an older adult male with a history of moderate depression and trauma comes into treatment, he could have his primary therapy sessions with others who have all experienced some level of trauma,” says Carise. “Or he could live in the older-adult wing where the patients will all be older adults, if that’s where he’s more comfortable, and discuss trauma issues with his psychiatrist and therapist.”

She says the facility includes full time psychiatry and addiction medicine physicians and will ultimately include a total of 17 masters-level primary therapists when it ramps up to full capacity. Programs include treatment for opioids, heroin, alcohol, cocaine and other substances, as well as co-occurring trauma, depression and anxiety disorders.

RCA operates six locations in the Northeast.

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Recovery Centers of America

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