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Addiction treatment for college students

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Don’t suffer in silence—we’re here to help you

Young adults across the country are struggling with mental health and addiction, and you may very well count yourself among them. For a long time now, but especially after the more than two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, substance abuse has been on the rise. Hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol addiction is the increasing crisis of mental health, like anxiety, depression, trauma, suicidality and a slew of others which often accompany addiction.

Not only has drug abuse become more widespread, it’s also become more lethal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overdose deaths—overwhelmingly from fentanyl—were the number one cause of death in the United States for people between the ages of 18-45, and in 2021 there was an overdose death approximately every five minutes on average. Further, a number of these overdoses come from various pills and powders laced with fentanyl.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Help and the promise of a better life, free from the agony and despair of addiction, is within reach through the multi-tiered approach of medical, therapeutic, educational and support systems Recovery Centers of America offers you to find freedom from your struggles with addiction and mental health.

You’re not alone.
We’re here for you 24/7.

Turn your life around today

To help you achieve recovery, Recovery Centers of America is defined by its mission of saving one million lives from the disease of addiction, while bringing freedom and relief from the ordeals of mental health disorders. In our comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities, our expert team of addiction professionals will lead you carefully through the complete continuum of care.

Beginning with a medically monitored detox to help you safely and comfortably get through withdrawl, followed by all levels of inpatient and outpatient treatment, we help you heal in mind, body and spirit.

Build a successful, confident life in recovery

You’re a complex individual, with a unique background and future before you. Sensitive to your particular identity, we offer a suite of specialized inpatient treatment programs to meet your goals. Designed not only to help you halt the progress of addiction and lead a life of lasting recovery, the therapeutic process also allows you to heal from past pain, gain insight into yourself, and develop effective coping mechanisms to manage your thoughts, feelings and actions. Here are some specific programs designed to do just that:

Discover: treatment program for young adults

Chief among these offerings is Discover, RCA’s drug and alcohol rehab program for young adults. A potentially life-saving program, Discover centers you after you’ve been derailed in your youth by drugs. Using proven addiction treatment methods, like cognitive behavioral therapy and adventure therapy, Discover brings you and your peers together to conquer challenges, often in vigorous outdoor settings, emboldening you to develop integrity, grit, resilience and strength of character to last a lifetime.

SchoolFlex: dedicated time for schoolwork

To remove any obstacles on your path to the life you were meant to lead, we also offer SchoolFlex, a treatment service that allows you time and resources to devote to schoolwork during your inpatient treatment. If you’re struggling with drugs and alcohol, you don’t have to let schoolwork stop you from getting necessary treatment. Through SchoolFlex, you can work virtually on school for up to three hours a day, while keeping your focus on your recovery.

Alumni Association: friends and support for life

The Recovery Centers of America Alumni Association provides a recovery support system for a lifetime, allowing anyone who has received treatment from RCA the opportunity to build up a network of peers committed to the life of recovery. But everyone is welcome, whether you’ve passed  through an RCA treatment facility or not. You have available to you, at no charge, open access to recovery meetings, sober events, service opportunities and the Alumni podcast—Strength in Recovery.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Heal together with your family

Research has shown that having your family involved in your treatment contributes significantly to your successful recovery. And together, both you and your family can forge a flourishing life by healing from the past, learning effective communication, developing healthy boundaries and more.

To reach these goals, Recovery Centers of America offers a variety of family programming, encompassing therapy sessions, support groups and educational webinars to help you and your family along the way. Among these, include:

Families RISE

Now available at every RCA facility that features Discover, Families RISE (Recovery Inspires Supportive Environments) is a special support group dedicated to helping the families of young adults in addiction treatment.

Family events

Apart from Families RISE, we have a constant supply of family events, covering all aspects of addiction and the involvement of family in its treatment, including support groups, self-care, what to expect in early recovery, the 12-Step process, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), boundary-setting, communication styles, the neurology of addiction and much else.

Your parents might find further support and guidance through these resources for parents, allowing them to explore all the family support services available to them. 

Don’t wait to get the help you need and deserve.



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