I Need Help With Alcohol Addiction

I Need Help With Alcohol Addiction

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, you’re likely feeling fear, frustration, and emotional pain. Addiction is a disease but you are capable of breaking the cycle of addiction and saving your own life. Professional help from Recovery Centers of America is only a phone call away.

Recovery Centers of America understands the stigma associated with alcohol addiction, which is why we treat our patients with unparalleled quality of care, dignity, and respect. If you need help with an alcohol addiction, our team of masters-level clinicians, primary therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses are here to help you on the path to lifelong recovery and happiness.

RCA’s inpatient and outpatient treatment programs provide private, individualized care. If you enter into treatment, you will work closely with a dedicated team of highly-credentialed professionals who provide continuous care—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long will my alcohol rehabilitation take?

Evidence-based research from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests individuals who commit to a 90-day track of treatment have a better chance of remaining sober on day 91 and beyond. Following an initial alcohol detoxification period, which lasts between 4-7 days, Recovery Centers of America recommends 30 days of inpatient alcohol treatment followed by a commitment to at least 60 days of outpatient care after discharge.

Recovering from alcohol addiction is a lifelong journey that requires constant management and support. Call 877-520-9659 and our care advocates can provide more information about treatment timelines.

Can my family visit while I’m receiving alcohol treatment?

During the initial alcohol detox period, family members are granted limited visitation access and are required to have a counselor present. Following the alcohol detoxification period, family members and friends are allowed to visit during specified visitation hours.

At Recovery Centers of America, our focus is not only on treating the patient but healing the entire family. Based on research from the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), treatment programs that involve the family have better engagement, higher rates of success, and increased aftercare participation.

Recovery Centers of America has a robust family program that offers at least one family therapy session per week, as well as educational seminars designed to help families support their loved ones in long-term recovery.

Can I lose my job if my employer learns of my alcohol addiction?

Your job will not be compromised and you will not be terminated for voluntarily seeking alcohol addiction treatment, provided you are not facing standing disciplinary or legal problems prior to entering a treatment facility. However, employers have the right to terminate employment if your alcohol abuse affects your job performance or is in direct violation of company policies.

Patients undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction are protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and qualifying employees are also granted 12 weeks of unpaid leave from a job through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Recovery Centers of America has specialized individuals on staff who work with patients and employers to ensure job security during and after treatment. RCA abides by HIPPA laws and will not disclose your alcohol addiction treatment to your employer.

Will my insurance cover my alcohol addiction treatments?

Recovery Centers of America is in-network with most insurance providers, and many insurance plans have a provision for alcohol treatment. However, the amount of coverage and the costs associated with copays and premiums will vary from plan to plan. If you need help with alcohol addiction, our financial counselors can work with you to verify your insurance for free and understand what your insurance plan covers.

Financial issues should never be an impediment to treatment, so Recovery Centers of America facilitates payment plans to families requiring assistance with out-of-pocket expenses. To date, Recovery Centers of America has provided over $4.5 million in scholarships to patients who needed financial help. We will do everything we can to ensure finances do not prevent you from receiving alcohol addiction treatment.

How do I tell my kid I’m going to rehab?

We recommend having an honest discussion with your children about entering into alcohol rehabilitation treatment. A family’s unified and cooperative nature during treatment will drastically increase the chances of you achieving long-term sobriety. If you are unsure about how to discuss treatment with your family, Recovery Centers of America has on-staff interventionists and therapists who can guide you through the process of communicating with your kids and family members.

Can I die from alcohol detoxification or rehabilitation treatments?

Alcohol detoxification is safe and effective under the supervision of a medical professional. The symptoms of unmedicated alcohol detoxification can be life-threatening if a medical professional is not present, as the process elicits both physical and psychological changes. At Recovery Centers of America, the full alcohol detoxification process takes approximately 4-7 days to complete, and patients are under 24-hour supervision the whole time to ensure safety.

RCA does not recommend non-medicated or self-medicated detoxification at home. Attempts to detox from alcohol at home without medication or specially trained medical professionals can result in seizures and other health complications, including death. Our highly skilled clinical staff medicates patients appropriately and follows a regimen for professional and safe alcohol detoxification tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Will rehab show up on my background check?

No. In the states where Recovery Centers of America operates, there are strict laws and regulations that ensures all personal information is kept strictly confidential and cannot be distributed without the written consent of the patient. Recovery Centers of America is governed by HIPAA and federal law 42 CFR to maintain confidentiality and patient privacy. Therefore, alcohol rehabilitation and treatment will not show up on your background check.

How do I know if I really need alcohol rehabilitation?

Understanding your addiction is a complicated process, but it’s a disease that requires professional treatment and maintenance, just like diabetes or heart disease. If you currently have concerns about your own alcohol dependencies or the reactions you have to alcohol, you most likely require professional assistance and should call Recovery Centers of America for help.

When your addiction overrides other priorities in your life, such as work, school, or relationships, rehabilitation and treatment is necessary to stop the cycle of alcohol abuse. If you are unsure about whether it’s the right time to enter treatment, call 877-520-9659 and our care advocates can provide more information about the treatment process.

Is it possible to fail alcohol rehab?

You can’t go through alcohol rehabilitation the “wrong” way or “fail” the treatment process. Essentially, what you put into your alcohol addiction treatment is what you will get back out of it. Our team of certified medical professionals and therapists will tailor a treatment plan to fit your individualized needs. If you need help with alcohol addiction, treatment at Recovery Centers of America is the first step to long-term recovery.

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