Young Men’s Addiction Program

Designed for Men

The Recovery Centers of America’s Young Adult Men’s Program is a clinical product tailored to meet the needs of young men between the ages of 18 and 34. Our Young Men’s Program focuses on the specific issues and needs confronting men in this age group as they learn to recover from their substance use disorder.

Young men with substance use disorders often have problems with trauma, stress, anxiety, shame, anger, and an inability to focus. RCA’s individual and group therapy with experienced clinicians are designed to address these frequently seen conditions. RCA clinicians tailor their treatment of these issues using a male-focused approach to these common treatment concerns. Therapy sessions seek to establish trust so that the young man can discuss emotions and relationships – areas where young men traditionally have difficulties.

Issues with anger and shame frequently prevent recovery. RCA clinicians are trained to teach anger management skills and give the young man tools to combat feelings of shame. Additionally, young men may also struggle with negative peer relationships, unhealthy sexual attitudes including sexual violence toward women, sleeping disorders, and ongoing desire for high-risk behaviors.

Five Common Challenges

Five Common Challenges Young Men Struggling with Addiction Face in Early Recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a specialized Young Men’s Program important?

Young men have unique needs and challenges that are gender and age-specific including trauma, stress, anxiety, shame, anger, and an inability to focus. We have separate and distinct programs designed to focus on those issues.

What is the advantage of a single-gender programs and therapy?

Young men behave differently when women are present. A coed environment may present sexual tension and social pressure which distracts from the mission of recovery. Single-gender treatment removes the social pressures and other potential distractions of a coed environment and allows the men feel to get in touch with their emotions and experience their reaction to those emotions.

How are the programs and therapies different for men?

Men learn differently than women. They learn best in short sessions involving movement. We have developed separate and distinct programs for young men designed to focus on their learning styles. We offer a wide range of therapeutic activities in single-gender spaces which are designed for the psychological and physical well- being of the young men in recovery.

How does the program help young men after treatment?

We teach Life Skills focusing on teaching the basics of personal development, specific to young men. Each Life Skills Training session consists of a 30-minute session in an interactive group format. These are the tools and skills that help a young man achieve and maintain the independence they need to sustain a life in recovery.

Are there other advantages of a Young Men’s Program?

There is one important benefit of our program that addresses the issue of social isolation. Young men need to be a part of a group or “brotherhood.” Single-gender therapy allows them to be part of a supportive group of other men who have the same goal of finding a life of meaningful and sustained recovery.

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