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Build a strong foundation in recovery with Spirituality

Addiction leaves people spiritually bankrupt, and a part of recovery is an awakening of the spirit. To be released from the grip of addiction, there must be a power or force greater than yourself and greater than the addiction to replace dependency on an addictive substance. In the language of 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, this is known as a Higher Power of your understanding. The form your Higher Power takes is up to you, whether you understand this force as God, nature, the universe, people or principles beyond you, it will strengthen and guide you throughout your life of recovery.

To help you on this spiritual journey, Recovery Centers of America has created Spirituality, a treatment enhancement service that equips you to build this foundation in recovery. Our curriculum is designed for the needs of those who already have a spiritual identity and those who seek one, alike. No matter where you stand with respect to spirituality, this approach will help you cultivate a deep connection to your Higher Power.

How does the Spirituality Service work?

Since spirituality can mean different things to different people, you will explore what it means to you through the guidance of a spiritual counselor, specially trained in spiritual matters related to addiction and recovery. Spiritual counselors on staff have richly diverse backgrounds, from a Master’s in Divinity to certified shamanism. Such variety contributes to the individualized orientation of the service, developing your own unique spiritual direction.

Spirituality includes:

  • One-on-one sessions with a spiritual counselor
  • Group sessions, to discuss spirituality and how it informs your recovery
  • Optional weekly spiritual service, to facilitate the connection with your Higher Power

In this process, you will gain:

  • A general grounding in spirituality
  • An understanding of how your spirituality relates to active addiction and lasting recovery
  • An exploration of grief, regret and loss and how these feelings are faced through spirituality
  • Insight into how a spiritual orientation differs from organized religion
  • An identification of a Higher Power of your understanding
  • A working knowledge of the first three steps of 12-step programs
  • Other topics to be determined in the course of connecting you to your Higher Power

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