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Music therapy for substance addiction treatment

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Reaching patients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level

With the guidance of a Board-Certified Music Therapist, music can be used as a tool to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, provide an outlet for emotions patients may be experiencing for the first time in a long time, support the development of self-regulation skills, and explore spirituality – and that’s why it’s such a critical part of addiction treatment.

Music helps reach patients from a different perspective and is motivating to begin the healing process necessary for the journey of recovery. Most RCA locations have music therapy and use it as a way to emotionally support our patients and get them on the road to recovery.

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A safe channel for emotions

Music therapy elicits emotion and helps bring the unconscious into the conscious so our patients can address underlying issues contributing to their addiction. The music provides a safe channel for the emotions to surface, allowing patients to have a better understanding of what they’re feeling and why.

Group and individual music sessions also connect music with mindfulness. For example, drumming, improvisation, songwriting, lyric analysis with applications to the 12 steps, and exploring how music can support the relaxation process are some of the techniques facilitated. The beautiful thing about music therapy is that patients don’t need to have any skills in music – simply a willingness to try something new.

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