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Fitness and nutrition training for recovery from substance abuse

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Gain strength in recovery

We help you create a personalized plan which includes physical goals, exercise routines, and nutrition to aid your recovery from addiction.

That’s why every RCA facility has a gym and most have a personal trainer. Our trainers help you make healthy choices to support both your physical and emotional well-being while in treatment. They’ll work with every patient to understand their current physical well-being. From here, a personalized plan which includes physical and mental goals, exercise routines, and nutrition is created.

When combined with addiction treatment, working with a personal trainer can:

Improve emotional and mental health. Studies show exercise can help moderate the brain’s dopamine levels. Instead of the brain counting on addictive substances to get that release of feel-good neurotransmitters, it’ll associate exercise with happiness instead.

Create new healthy habits. Reintroducing structure and good habits into daily life creates a healthy routine, which is critical for long-term recovery. These newfound, healthy routines provide a renewed hope at a new lifestyle – one with structure for during and after treatment.

Help cut back on pain. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found that physical therapy has been shown to work better for long-term health vs. prescription opioid painkillers. Therefore, working with a personal trainer during addiction treatment can help moderate pain, as you work towards strengthening your body and fighting the disease of addiction.

Foster a sense of community. Close friendships are created when patients exceed fitness goals – they cheer one another on and work together to get better. Having a strong social support is essential in recovery; it gives you the emotional support and positive strengthening you need to keep going.

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A healthy new routine

In addition to personal training, fun group activities, nature hikes, and nutritional advice, many RCA facilities also offer weekly wellness seminars.

Broken up into gender-separated groups, you’ll learn about nutrition, healthy food choices, how often to eat, what food can help you deal with cravings and emotions, and how food can increase brain capacity.

“This is how we get better. I ask patients what a car needs to function: Fuel. The same goes for your body. We have to give your body the proper fuel for it to function as its best, so we can fight this. The better your nutrition and fitness, the better you’ll feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the better life is.”

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