Addiction Treatment Program for First Responders and Military Service Members

RESCU, a confidential addiction recovery program for first responders and military members

Whether you’re an active or former law enforcement officer, firefighter, corrections officer, EMT/paramedic, or military member––if you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can help.

Our RESCU treatment program, which stands for ‘Recovering Emergency Service Community United,’ is designed to address and assist with profession-related obstacles you may be facing, so you can gain lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Since anonymity is critical for you to be able to focus on your treatment and recovery, we are committed to your privacy. You will be immersed into a tight knit community of fellow first responders and military service members and recover alongside individuals who share similar life and professional experiences.

On our unit, we talk about three things. We talk about courage—the courage it takes for you to come in for treatment; pride, and when I say ‘pride’, I do not mean ego—I mean the pride that each family member or each patient should have in the fact that today they’re clear of substances; and then finally is gratitude, and the gratitude comes from the fact that they have this opportunity that they are getting better. But I like to pass on to them my gratitude that they give me purpose and they give me fulfillment, and they remind me of the struggles that I went through.”
– Brian S, RESCU Program Alumnus

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Break the chains of addiction with treatment that’s proven to work

While in RESCU, a 3-4 week program, you will be with other first responders who are also committed to overcoming addiction and achieving a lasting recovery. You’ll be engaged by staff members who have personal experience in the first responder community, as well as expert addiction treatment staff, who will help you address profession-related issues that impact your recovery from addiction, such as:

  • Work-related traumatic events
  • Guilt about breaking public trust or disappointing your co-workers
  • Fear of losing your job or pay/benefits and returning to duty
  • Drinking culture
  • Difficulty asking for help and the warrior ethos
  • Mistrust in mental health professionals

Through RESCU, you will be treated with proven treatment approaches that have already helped countless others gain freedom from addiction and live their best life.

Gym time and fitness instruction

Opportunities to help others through community involvement

Connections and sober events with those you met in treatment through the RCA Alumni Association

Alternative therapies such as art and music therapy

12-Step immersion and 12-Step yoga

Family involvement and support

A seamless transition to outpatient programs for continued recovery support, in-person or virtual

Get the customized help you need with RESCU

The RESCU curriculum is designed to help you free yourself from addiction, rebuild trust and regain your confidence. It’s a tailored and tested approach to addiction treatment for first responders that works.

Examples of core curriculum include:

Want to learn more about RESCU? Download this preview of the proprietary clinical content.

Support For First Responder Families

Recovery Centers of America offers family services and programming specifically tailored to support the families of our first responders and military members and who are impacted by the disease of addiction.

First Responder Only 12-Step Meetings

Meetings are hosted virtually on Wednesdays at 19:30. These are CLOSED meetings only for law enforcement, firefighters, corrections, emergency medical personnel and military. If you are a member of the first responder community and would like an invitation to join the meeting, please email

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