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Equine therapy for addiction treatment

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Fostering inner peace and contentment

Equine therapy for addiction

RCA at Devon partners with Gateway HorseWorks to give you a new outlook on recovery.

With every exercise, the horses guide you back up to the person you were before addiction, eliminating feelings of guilt or shame.

After you create a path for the horses to follow, you work to get the horses from one side of the ring to the other. With their keen senses, the horses model the behavior and emotions they see in their trainer. That means sometimes a change of approach is necessary to get the job done … and can be applied to your treatment, too. The result? You build trust and social skills needed to navigate everyday interactions. You learn how to balance your feelings, confidence increases, begin to understand boundaries, feel connected and essential, and are able to relax and be present. In other words, equine therapy provides expectations and responsibilities.

Learning to let go

Because of how in tune horses are with emotions, they tend to reflect whatever they’re sensing, providing instant feedback on where someone’s emotional state is. It’s a way for you to look deeper within yourself and find out what you’re really feeling.

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